Recap: Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek Episode 13

 The new Taebaek-shi!

Episode 13
Jiyoon could only say sorry while Taebaek tries to process this piece of information. She leads him out so they can talk it out. Taekbaek asks why she never told him. Trying pretty hard to rein in her own emotion, Jiyoon explains that she didn't want to pile more hurt on him now that Giant is still stuggling. An uncertain Taebaek wonders if she's the same Jiyoon he's known.

Meanwhile, Baek unleashes his disappointment at Addie and orders him to get Jiyoon out of Giant and get engaged to Jiyoon. Addie still wants to win her heart first but Baek thinks he's got more chances after the engagement. And so Addie meekly nods.

Jiyoon tells him that she prefers to live as Baek Jiyoon than Baek Hyun-jin. Taebaek wonders if a name change actually means anything. She is still the same person and she can't exactly change her parents. As tears fall, he tells her regretfully that he can't send her home today. T.T Jiyoon finally breaks down herself. T.T

JinGa and Lee confronts Shin PD for pinning the plagiarism at them and demands to know who gave him the instructions. Before he could fold, Ahri takes over the situation. Park has changed his confession and now accuses Giant of threatening him into lying. Ahri tells them to leave before she gets the guards.

Taebaek calls to check on JinGa's progress. But more importantly he asks if JinGa knew who Jiyoon's dad is. The two later meets up in the office to talk over soju. Taebaek again wonders why she didn't tell him. Well, she can't since he was always speaking poorly of BK. And now that he knows her true identity, he finds it even harder to face her because of the gulf of difference between them. He can't tell if she loves him or pities him. Was she sorry or guilty and trying to make up to him?

JinGa has enough of his sorry speech. Where is his spirit? Taebaek looks at him and admits his fear. He's always believed he could do well even without money or good specs....however, he can't seem to achieve any success anywhere, with just determination. He's just 28 years old but the future has never seem so bleak.

He could have been referring to JinGa with all the speech about having no future. And JinGa assures him it's the same no matter the age. And even if he's fearful and uneasy, he's just got to proceed, step by step. Taebaek looks at the ring on his finger and downs the soju in sorrow. Jiyoon is looking at the sketch he's given her...Is this goodbye? (Surely not, but it's worth a tear or two).

Addie learns about Ahri's part in the plagiarism scandal and rebukes her for acting without consulting him. Ahri is indignant because she only did it to protect his position. Addie thinks he's better off seeking another alternative than rise through the ranks by sucking up to another ( soesn't sound quite right coming from you). Ahri feels he's gotten too used to promotion that he never considered that he could be expendable. Nice insight, me thinks he's being unusually naive too.

Jiyoon motivates herself and turns up for work in her cheery self. But more troubles are in store for them. Some guys are here to confiscate their stuffs in return for some debt JinGa has incurred. The objects identified will be auctioned off within the week. And everyone else is grumpy Taebaek is late for work. Still, they are determined to work hard till the very end. Too bad they've got no work to speak of. JinGa tells everyone to take timeoff until he's got everything settled, which is just BS and everyone knows.

Jiyoon tells Lee in JinGa's presence, about her identity and offers to leave so that they can salvage their business. JinGa and Lee protest but she feels it's the best decision for everyone. And she hasn't got the chance to tell Taebaek her decision yet.

Taebaek sleeps in late and lies to granny it's an off day.

Jiyoon waves the white flag and asks Baek if he's satisfied now. Dad doesn't think there's a winner in a fight between a father and his children. Jiyoon insists he started the fight but he tells her she should've listen to him. Jiyoon retorts that this wouldn't happen if he had listen to her. (Oh god, I'm so frustrated with Baek I feel like slamming something). He knows she's stubborn but she's still his daughter and he wants her to work with Addie to develop BK. When he brings up the engagement (which I..can't... URGGGGG!!), she informs him of her decision to rest in the countryside for a while and consider everything else later. He finally realizes he can't push his luck and relents.

JinGa texts Taebaek about Jiyoon's resignation and her decision to rest in the countryside for a month. He calls but Jiyoon doesn't answer. Then dear Addie shows up before her.

Now Taebaek springs into action, trying to hail a taxi. Meanwhile, Addie apologizes for what happened but Jiyoon is not in the mood to say anything and tells him to leave. Taebaek just misses her as she sets out.

Aunt sends Jiyoon off at the bus station. She turns around expectantly and sees Taebaek walking in slow-mo towards her. Except it's just her imagination. Ok, you got me fooled for a moment there.

Sigh, the useless guy is still at her doorsteps staring at his couple ring. Why? Why? Go after her. Ok he probably didn't know where to go 'cause he waited for aunt to come back. Not that she's the right person to ask. She tells him to let Jiyoon be, since Jiyoon wanted to leave everything behind.

Sigh. We all know that is not the case. Jiyoon staring at a picture of them in the bus proves it's not the case. Flashback to happier times and their vows not to remove the rings no matter what happens. But Jiyoon is slowly slipping it off her fingers...

Now that Jiyoon's left, their plagiarism accusation must have been lifted as well because Giant is working on the Korean Cuisine posters and getting paid as well. Phew. YiChan and Miss Kong are preparing an ad exhibition of their own. Lee approves that they're working hard on their own too. Hassan declares young people like themselves will surely attain success and for once, Lee asks for his age. He's only 26, omona, for real? lol.

Taebaek is being mopey (hey he's got a mopey-er hair to match!) as he scrolls through the pictures of Jiyoon in his handphone.

JinGa is back with a new ad request. Business is picking up and previous clients have started contacting them again. Taebaek is holed up in his own world, functioning in zombie mode, but still insists he's fine. LOL.

 JinGa wants to lift his spirit and brings him to this restaurant where his Everest poster is on display. Apparently the daughter of the owner was paralysed in an accident a year ago and refused to leave her room. But she saw the ad on TV one day and requested to leave the room. She wanted to see the ad with her own eyes. JinGa emphasises on the power of ads and encourages him to continue making ads. Only then would Jiyoon's departure not be in vain. The girl shows up in her wheelchair happily asking for Taebaek's signature. He can't sign, so he just writes his name. But it's a start.

Baek is not too happy that Jiyoon is still holed up in the countryside. He's getting impatient and wants to get the engagement over with, for the sake of the Group. I'm starting to think everything Baek says irritates me. As for business, BK chemical factory will begin construction in a few months in a small town and a large scale promotion is needed.

BK Ad team is immediately put to work. BK's chemical factory is an ambitious project for BK Group but right now they're facing problems with the Environment Ministry. So now BK is trying to come up with rebuttals so that they can achieve a convincing victory in the vote scheduled in two weeks. 

Everyone at BK Ad also learns of Jiyoon's identity. ShinPD is especially regretful that he did not treat her nice enough since there's a possibility of her returning to BK and ranking over them. Ahri is not impressed with the idle talk and tells them to get to work.

Taebaek has recovered his spirit and shows up for work all pumped up (and it's farewell to the short-lived mopey hair). He's also come up with an idea for their sealable plastic bag (which can even seal memories) which sort of echoes their idea for the furniture ad. When asked if Jiyoon's contacted him, he pretends not to mind.

Jiyoon's staying at a sunbae's place, and the friend seems to be a free-spirited sort of song writer? And omo, she lets her hair down. Wow, we seemed to have accurately predicted the hairstyle changes. Anyway, this friend already knows her identity and her reason for coming here. A group of sunbae's friends are here to discuss about the chemical factory and she immediately sends Jiyoon away on a errand - walk the dog.

Sunbae warns the guys not to mention BK Chemical Factory in front of Jiyoon. She also learns that Baek is heading here.

Jiyoon actually calls the dog "Taebaek" when they're alone. LOL. She apologizes to it and cuddles it fondly. Me thinks doggie might develop split identity after this. :P

Ahri and Addie visit the site for the factory. All the paperwork and settlement is done and right now their only problem is winning approval votes from the villagers. More than half oppose the project and the environmental groups have also been quite vocal. On their drive back, Ahri notices Jiyoon walking the dog but says nothing about it.

Granny of the seollongtang shop is pleased with the posters Taebaek pins up at her shop. She asks for Jiyoon and immediately senses that the two must have fought. Later, she asks that Taebaek accompanies her on a "date". Granny visits her husband's grave and shares happy memories with Taebaek. Then, she tells him to win back Jiyoon since they obviously make a good pair. She serves a bowl of seollongtang to hubby and seals it in the sealable plastic bag she found in Taebaek's car. And this time even granny notices that "it" has come. LOL.

Over dinner, Ahri asks about  Jiyoon. She's not to eager to have her back at BK since it's gonna be awkward for her professionally and of course personally. Addie tells her about the planned engagement (to effectively break her heart?). Addie is confident Jiyoon would agree after her "timeout" since it's Baek's idea. You obviously do not understand the girl you claim you like. Even Ahri thinks it's improbable for Jiyoon's heart to change even if her thoughts have. Addie thinks Jiyoon is worth the wait.

Elsewhere, Sunbae asks if Jiyoon has sorted out her thoughts. She's obviously not over him but feels that she can't be with him. She thinks he'd be troubled and can't make good ads. Sunbae thinks it's better to ask him directly but Jiyoon thinks it's a foregone conclusion.

 Ahri knows she's got no chance and summits her resignation. She doesn't feel that she can separate personal matters from business matters. Addie refused her resignation and tells her to take a week's break. However, Ahri's firm in her decision and he can only watch her leave.

Ahri finds Taebaek next. She tells him about quitting BK and her one-sided love. And if there's one thing her one-sided love taught her, it's that she keeps thinking of the ones she hurt. Taebaek tells her not to worry about it. Since he's not very bright, he doesn't remember anything about being hurt. Even though she's given up on Addie, she still hopes that Taebaek and Jiyoon can work out. Taebaek would like to try but he has no idea where Jiyoon is. She knows, and that's why she's here. I can't tell if she's sincere or not. Sigh. Well at least she's being helpful regardless of her true agenda.

Jiyoon is with doggie Taebaek who seems to be sulking when the real Taebaek shows up... She's surprised he's found her. Taebaek says he can't tell her how he's found her but he can tell her why he is here. Jiyoon wants to leave but he's asking for her input for a proposal.

As they sit opposite each othere, Taebaek notices that her ring is missing. Jiyoon sees his ring and hides her hands. After a moment of awkward silence, Taebaek begins telling her about granny's love story and explains the concept behind their new ad - Even as time flies by, love remains unchanging. He wants that kind of love for them too.

Jiyoon understands what he's saying but insists they can't be together. Reason being she'd cause misfortune to those around her - her mum, friend, Giant. She's glad to have met him and wants to end it with happy memories. Can he help her? He agrees but only in his way. He heads out and calls JinGa. He's not giving up that's for sure. JinGa is fine with him staying there and encourages him to work things out with her.

Jiyoon watches as Taebaek gets comfortable in the car. At least, he's won someone over. Sunbae has taken a liking to Taebaek and tells him as much. Hihi. Yay. Sunbae is on Team Taebaek! She gives him a camping tent.

Chairman Baek and the whole BK Ad team is heading to the town for a meeting with the local parliment rep and mayor. Sunbae  also receives the word and heads over to the city hall.

When Taebaek crawls out of the tent later, Jiyoon invites him in for breakfast, as per Sunbae Han's orders. She tries to convince him to leave but he's not really listening. So she asks for some time to think it over and he can't really say no to that.

Han is leading the protest against BK's chemical factory and Baek is attacked when he arrives. Rep Jo (the parliment rep) is apologetic over the treatment and immediately motions to his man to deal with it. The cops are called.

Taebaek is leaving when Han and the protesters are back. One of them, Teacher Woo asks for Taebaek and Jiyoon's help. Han couldn't stop him before he blurts out that BK is trying to destroy the village. Before he could elaborate, a police car is here and Han Hyejin(sunbae) is arrested for the attack against Chairman Baek. Cue jaw drops.


Someone must have heard my prayers and gave Giant a break, on Jiyoon's expense unfortunately. And since their separation did resulted in Giant clawing themselves out of bancruptcy I can't really argue that it was truly noble idiocy. At least Jiyoon was never denying her true feelings or suddenly inventing some lame excuses for leaving. And even as she is leaving, she half-expects him to show up. When Taebaek shows up in the village, I know she was never gonna change her mind but getting embroiled with BK's problems again might just bind them together again. I just hope that this time around, they and Giant can weather the storm and come up tops. The BK chemical factory thing. Totally saw it coming. It's a big coincidence I know but at least it's a pertinent thread to bring them together again and a chance for a new ad and hopefully a good one.

 I don't know what to say about Addie, except that he's totally deluding himself. I have even less to say about Ahri because I can't even gauge her true intentions half the time. And too bad, they don't get a hairstyle change. Heh. As for Baek, the less is said the better.



  1. "He can't sign, so he just writes his name. But it's a start."

    Can you explain what that means?
    Do you mean he doesn't have his stamp or that he can't write Korean "cursive"? Is there such a think as "Korean cursive"?

    1. He's never signed (as in those wriggly scribbles) we do. And it's not the stamp. That's why he just wrote his name plainly in hangul.

  2. Thanks for the recap Maymay. I'm still confused a bit -- why does Taebaek only write his name in hangul instead of a fancy signature that most stars use? Although as memory serves me a lot of the fancy signatures tend to be romanized.

    Anyway, I love somoyeds -- the dog in the show. Unfortunately, this one, like the one in To The Beautiful You, seems a bit bored of the whole thing. All of the dogs we've ever had loved the attention and would give some response to being petted. This dog just sits there as you pet him/her. The samoyed is so fluffy I can't possibly tell it's gender. Still, I love shows where people love dogs, and Ji Yoon looks stunningly beautiful in the screencap you have of her petting the dog.

    Oh and about the new hairstyle, LOL. Who would have guessed? I guess since she moved to a new location that it called for a new hairstyle. Since she's without a "job" she can just let her hair hang down permanently.

    Another thing that sorta bothers me -- but since I was watching the show raw I can't be certain. Wouldn't Addie be chiding Ahri not for her butt-kissing but for the fact that nearly every time she wants to get ahead or win she needs to do something underhanded, whereas he wanted to be fair while being a judge, he also wanted to win fairly. It seems to me that Chairman Baek and Ahri were made for each other, as they never leave anything to chance or to skill, but make sure the deck is stacked from the beginning.

    I also still wonder at Chairman Baek's urgent need to see Jiyoon back in the fold. I suspect health reasons (I saw him getting his blood pressure taken in episode 14), but that's still not enough. Anyway, if Ji Yoon ever came back to BK ad -- if I was her, I'd use her power to get rid of Ahri because of her conniving ways, and PD Shim would get booted both with a "you're fired" a la the show Pasta, as well as have a bunch of goons toss him out the door. Now as I talk about it, I can't imagine Ji Yoon making life any easier for her father. They would probably clash on everything, causing his BP to go up, maybe cause a lil clot o' blood to go to his brain and poof "insta-stroke". Oh well, some people are gluttons for punishment. I eagerly await the last few episodes but I'm not sure how much more growth, change, or surprises they could have.

    1. I'm not Korean so I can't be sure but this is my opinion. I notice each Korean (and Japanese) have their own personal stamps for important/formal documents so they don't really need to "sign" off documents like we tend to do. And the ones who do sign (e.g. the stars) must have created and practised one after they debuted or something. Hence, I believe a signature is not something the average Korean practises.

      And imo Addie just didn't like Ahri acting behind his back the few times he decided to play fair. I recall paying on a level field isn't exactly his "style". But since he wanted to be fair this time around, Ahri butting in sort of like marred his "fair play" since everyone knows she works for him.

      Baek never implied on poor health issues but I wouldn't be surprised if they throw that at us. Fact in dramas : the older generation almost always suffer from stroke or high bp when they are irate/angry/ emotional. LOL.

      And I agree with ShinPD's punishment. He's so beyond redemption in my eyes. I'd volunteer to kick his ass out of the door.

      I think the environment issue would dominate E14 and maybe a grand showdown between Giant and BK for next week. And I'm still hoping that Ahri and Addie would join them to fight BK for their final part of their character growth. Wishful thinking. :) Going to watch E14 now.

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  4. thank you for the recap , i think tae baek , in a different situation , would create a sing at the moment if a fan of his work ask him for his signature , but at that moment and situation ,why he said he didn't have a sing and he just wroth his name in hangul because he was still emotionally moved and choked that his work saved people and help them not only deliver a message .!!
    well that how a see it !!

    but i have a question if any one know the song that was played at tha minute 37:30 were the 2 girls were talking ?!! and thank you

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