Recap: Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek Episode 15

I cannot understand this woman...

Episode 15

Chairman Baek is rushed to the hospital where the doctor diagnosed that his cerebral aneurysm has ruptured but it is inoperable because of its deep location. Her stepmother and brothers are here and non too happy that she went against dad's wishes for the marriage. They're  not exactly concerned about her (far from it) but that dad's been pushing for her marriage because of his condition. Way to play the guilt card.

Taebaek is worried because Jiyoon is cannot be contacted. JinGa is less worried since they're father and daughter and tells Taebaek to return to the company instead.

The surgery is a success though Jiyoon is still waiting for her turn to visit dad. Addie is by her side (not sure since when) and aunt has just arrived as well. When it's finally their turn, Jiyoon is so overcome with emotions she could hardly speak. She calls Baek, "dad" and apologizes tearfully.

Meanwhile, Taebaek is worried sick and leaves a message for Jiyoon to call. Lee tells everyone in Giant about Jiyoon's identity and everyone is in awe and thinks Taebaek has hit jackpot. When Soran shows up and learns of the big reveal, she is shocked - happy shocked or upset shocked?

Ahri thinks Chairman Baek's condition might actually be a blessing in disguise. The director board is unlikely to give him a hard time over the failure of the chemical factory. When asked of his plans, Addie confesses he fully intends to adhere to Baek's plans - take over BK Ad and marry Jiyoon. Ahri asks if he's doing this for love or ambition. He says both. No matter the outcome, he wants to stick around for it. Ahri says she's curious too and asks to be reinstated to her position. What?!

 Soran is not angry-upset, more like disappointed-upset and still hopeful that Taebaek don't intend to hook up with the enemy's daughter. Lee corrects her, enemy is much too strong a description, just unfortunate fate. Taebaek learns of Baek's hospitalization from the internet news and rushes over.

Baek finally comes to with Jiyoon is watching over him. She calls him dad and addresses herself for the first time as Hyunjin. Dad recognizes the change and wonders if he's heard it correctly. She acknowledges it.

Taebaek finds aunt - bad choice really - to ask for Jiyoon's news. Aunt in turns tells him to give up Jiyoon. She knows that they're in love but believes that it isn't enough to guarantee happiness. She'd rather Jiyoon have a happy marriage with dad's blessings. Taebak offers no response and wanders aimlessly on the streets.

Jiyoon learns that\dad is paraplegic now and medication may or may not improves his condition.She returns to the room to find dad in confrontation with the other family. Eldest son wants to take over BK Ad but dad thinks he's incompetent and inexperience for the job. Understandably, they huff off in frustration.

Baek asks if Jiyoon's made her decision. She agrees to work at BK Ad and accepts that she's to marry Addie. I knew it and I hate this. Urgg. The happiest person in this mess would be daddy after all...with Addie probably a close second.

Taebaek tells JinGa that he probably can't make ads anymore without Jiyoon. He's heartbroken but he realizes that he can't hold on to her and have them father-daughter behave like strangers to each other. More importantly, he's no longer confident of bringing happiness to her. She's like a customer he can't ever satisfy.

Jiyoon drops by Giant to say hi to everyone but she's really waiting for Taebaek. The guys leave the place for them to talks things out. She tells him of her decision to work at BK Ad because she wants to be there for dad. So, they can no longer meet much in future. She will cheer for him from afar.

Taebaek accepts her decision calmly and promises to cheer for her and for Baek to fully recover. Jiyoon asks for a handshake and they wish each other well, in this unbelievably calm and somewhat cheerful manner that is heartbreaking to watch. And only after she reluctantly leaves that both allow their tears to fall. T__T.

 Later that night, Taebaek looks contemplatively at his ring and removes it

At BK Ad, Jiyoon insists on a post equal to her abilities but Addie points out that her identity will lead to awkwardness among the staff. In the end, he compromises by suggesting the Team Leader position instead of Planning Director. That settled, she asks that the wedding preparations be initiated slowly. He gets her drift and agrees since there's no rush due to Baek's condition. Ahri drops in and learns of Jiyoon's new post, with surprise, since she totally expects Jiyoon to take her position.

 As expected, rumours are rife in the office about Jiyoon's identity and everyone worries on how to treat her. When Jiyoon is introduced to the staff, Shin PD is overly polite and accommodating.

The staff at Giant sans Taebaek is working on a new ad for some diet food for pets. Taebaek shows up a little later, more upbeat than expected, ready with ideas for the ads. The photos shows a photoshopped dog among sheep and a photoshopped cat among seals. The copy for the picture with the cat goes,"A cat should look like a cat". Cute.

Anyway, everyone leaves for the PT but Taebaek who's the last to leave finds a photo of Jiyoon at her desk, taken when she works at Giant. He smiles *gasp* and tells Jiyoon in the picture to continue smiling like that. He too will work hard at smiling.

Six months later, Addie is with Jiyoon as she tries out a wedding gown. There's an obvious lack of enthusiasm especially on Jiyoon's part. She barely ekes out a smile. Even the girl who serves them is surprised that she is satisfied with just one dress fitting. She just says that she's satisfied with the one she's wearing and too busy for more fittings. Later,she excuses herself for a meeting and promises to show up for their appointment with the jewelry shop. Addie is not blind to her lack of enthusiasm but I wonder if this is enough for him.

Meanwhile, Taebaek is on a plane, back from receiving an award for his achievements. He doesn't look happy at all as he stares at the award. Flashback to a phone conversation he had with Jiyoon where he informs her that he'd be receiving an award for the Everest Ad they made. The award presentation is held in New York and he invites her to attend together since they share credits for the ad. She tells him she can't because she's busy with wedding preparations. Bam! No wonder he looks so gloomy.

The Giant gang is waiting with banner and flowers for him at the arrival gate, along with reporters here to interview him for winning the prestigious award. He credits everyone, including Jiyoon for the copy.

They celebrate at granny's shop. Granny is proud and happy for Taebaek, YiChan and Miss Kong still a couple, Soran is debuting as a singer soon and the cute specky girl, Horan looks like she has a crush on Taebaek. Taebaek receives an unexpected call from Ahri.

Ahri congratulates him for the award and tells him of Jiyoon's impending wedding. He already knows. She can tell he still loves Jiyoon and admits that she stayed because she couldn't forget Addie as well. He doesn't deny his feelings but feels that there's nothing he can do about it. Ahri reminds him how he used to say that it's not inevitable if one hasn't exhausted all options. Since she's with them all the time, she knows fully well that Addie and Jiyoon are not happy together. It's especially telling when the bride-to-be isn't smiling much. So has he done everything he could for Jiyoon? You know, Ahri is really an enigma. I guess she knows she can't influenced Addie in any way so she always resort to encouraging Taebaek to go after Jiyoon. I find that annoying. Her redeeming quality? At least she's unabashed and candid about her true motive.

Jiyoon meets with a zoo owner - BK's new customer who's hopeful that their ad will help attract visitors or they'll have to close down. Jiyoon admits she has a personal interest in the ad since she used to visit the zoo when she was little with mum. The owner congratulates her for winning the award for the Everest ad. He knows she created the ad with Taebaek and their gun-smoke ad is also a favourite of his. He also understands that the two work for different companies but eventually chooses BK Ad over Giant Ad because BK Ad is more established. He concedes it's a foolish desire to hope for another heartfelt ad like the Everest or Gun-smoke ads.

Taebaek mulls over Ahri's words in the car while Jiyoon pays a visit to one of their old haunts - the rooftop. When she is about to leave, Taebaek is there! Elsewhere, poor Addie is waiting at the jewelry shop.

Taebaek marvels at their serendipitous meeting. It is as though "IT" (their idea/muse) has arranged this meeting for them to celebrate the award for their joint effort. He asks about her wedding preparations which she describes as tiring and annoying at times. He asks why she's going through with it if she's not feeling the slightest enthusiasm and anticipation. She is stumped for an answer and excuses herself quickly.

When Addie calls to remind her of their appointment, she tells him she can't make it, hardly able to keep the irritation from creeping into her voice.

Addie receives a call from Ahri asking to meet him. OK, at least you're not leaving all the work to Taebaek. She comments on his glum expression. Is he happy? He evades by saying not many can answer that question with a "yes". Does he believe that his happiness lies with BK Group? He wants to defer answering that until he is actually married.

Aunt is already scouting for honeymoon spots, so happy she might as well be the bride. Jiyoon is indifferent and focuses on her work. Aunt notices that she hardly smiles and wonders if she's truly happy. She only wants her to be happy. Yeah right. Jiyoon reassures aunt that she'll start preparing in earnest tomorrow. She's busy now.

Taebaek feels like he's failed Jiyoon aka his ad owner (client). The only way he would have given up on her is if he thought Addie could create a happier ad for her but she doesn't seem happy at all. JinGa tries to cheer him up and discourages him from entertaining hopeless notions. But Taebaek realizes that any awards is meaningless without Jiyoon to share his achievements. He wants to make an ad of happiness for Jiyoon. Oh? He wants to go head to head with Addie. JinGa reminds him of other "difficult" ad clients. Taebaek is not deterred since he's never had an "easy" client anyway (He's got a point). He is determined to win them over one after another - Jiyoon, Baek...

Knowing it's futile to convince him otherwise, JinGa might as well help him out. He thinks Taebaek needs a really unexpected method of handling the situation. He's all for Taebaek to give it one last go. Taebaek is confident of stealing the heart of his ad client. Go go go! So nice to see that confident smirk again.

Taebaek marches into BK Ad to apply for the position of an experienced staff. This time though he doesn't get shunned or ignored because even the receptionists recognize him as the award winner for the Everest ad.

Jiyoon presents at the PT for the zoo owner who doesn't seem quite impressed since she didn't quite deliver on his preferred idea for a heartwarming ad. He's not being deliberately difficult and they promise a better ad the next time. It's already the second time they've been rejected. The staff grumbles about being overworked but Jiyoon assures everyone that they're recruiting new employees right now.

Taebaek's application comes to Ahri's attention and she immediately calls Taebaek. He's been expecting her call and appeals for her help. He plans to pester his ad client until she folds, not unlike what he's been doing for his previous clients e.g. Chairman Nam. Ahri acknowledges that the method reflects Taebaek's style and agrees to help.

Baek asks about their wedding preparations and both offers vague excuses about being too busy with work. Jiyoon receives a call from a client and leaves the room. Baek senses that Jiyoon looks uneasy and wonders if there's any problems. (What do you care?). Addie explains she's troubled with work. Baek wants him to make more effort and take good care of her.

So he later suggests that they go for wine. Addie wants her to delegate her work to Ahri and concentrate on their wedding prep but she would rather see it through since the ad means a lot to her. Addie admits that his faith in winning her heart is shaken by her indifferent attitude. He actually thought he'd have her heart once she marries him. Whuuuut? Have you like, never dated????! Jiyoon tells him to stop beating around the bushes. He asks if she doesn't want this marriage or is she still unable to forget Taebaek? Omo are you so dense you didn't realize it until now? I thought the answer was as clear as day. It's BOTH! That's my answer.

Jiyoon actually thinks the answer is redundant since they're getting married anyway. He realizes she hasn't decided and will wait until she is. OK, I totally don't get why he's mad. This is the guy who wants to marry her knowing she's opposed to the very idea until her father collapsed and has been in love with another man all these time. I mean, he's supposed to be smart right. I don't understand why he doesn't understand that. And I don't understand why he's suddenly taking the higher moral ground. I'm losing precious hair over his irrational behaviour.

When they meet at the office the next day, Jiyoon is apologetic and promises to work harder for the wedding. I don't think you're supposed to force yourself dear. Well, at least it seems to mollify Addie somewhat.

Baek receives an update on Taebaek's current situation and confirmation that Jiyoon has not been seeing him. He's still pulling the strings behind the scene. Sigh.

At BK Ad's recruiting interview, Taebaek surprise everyone but Ahri by showing up. Woohoo!


That's a really nice cliffhanger. It raises my anticipation for the final episode without being overly dramatic and all. And although the four leads are as usual present, it doesn't feel quite as manufactured as in they really do have a reason for appearing on the screen at the same time. Heh.

For such a seemingly "predictable" drama, I'm pleasantly surprise by the current turn of events. It was not what I had in mind, which is kinda disappointing because that would have been nice for the second leads (and more deserving for Jo HyunJae and Han ChaeYoung) but this will do too. It conforms with their previous threads of difficult ad clients and it makes sense that Chairman Baek would be Taebaek's greatest challenge of all. However I am keeping my fingers crossed that it's a really really impressive ad.

I also find it really refreshing to see a loving couple who had to break up due to impossible circumstances not wallow in misery beyond the initial stage. We get that they're sad and sometimes watching them pick up the pieces is sadder than actually having to watch them fall apart and brood and cry all the time with those very very heartbreaking music in the background. I know this has been a light and breezy drama from the get go but I'll be the first to admit at being surprised with the lack of melodramatics. That caught me offguard, since this is a kdrama we're talking about.

I continued to be baffled by Ahri and Addie's motivations and though they're not exactly hateful characters, I admit to being annoyed and irritated by their actions. And at this point, with only one episode to go, I do not see how that will change. And that is so sad considering that I'm actually pretty fond of both actors.


  1. Gosh... the marriage thing is so sickening...

    Woohoo, thanks for the super fast recap! Off to read now.

  2. Heh, watching this raw yesterday I wasn't sure what to think. You can easily tell Ji Yoon is depressed about getting married. I couldn't tell the 6 month time slip though -- that's interesting. I also feel that Taebaek has to create an ad that will win Ji Yoon over -- and it better be the best one of his life! I thought joining BK Ad was pretty gutsy though. I can see Ahri clearly now, she wants Addie and helping Taebaek is the best way to do it.

    Addie, confounds me like it confounds you -- he apparently was educated in the US -- you would have thought he would have picked up some sort of gist that in some other countries, you can't force people to get married, even using the filial piety clause. However, it does show up quite often in Korean dramas -- like Marry Me Mary, which I found also confusing. At least both guys actually liked the girl. I don't feel that Addie really likes her that much and I have no idea how he plans to make her happy once they're married.

    Luckily, one of the clauses in dramaland is that the OTP have to get together in the end, because love conquers all, even filial piety, conniving relatives, backstabbing, or other techniques used by villains and family from all aspects of dramas. Luckily this isn't a 50 episode weekend drama -- I'd die watching the slow back and forth. 16 episodes is plenty, and actually probably more than enough.

    I also missed Baek's interaction with his sons, per se -- does he say -- "no corporation for you!" or "you got yours, Ji Yoon gets BK Ad"? I'll go watch it with subs, maybe it will become clearer.

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