Recap: Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek Episode 14

An-nyeong Giant T_T

Episode 14

After Han is arrested, the specky guy explains that the charges were BS. The so-called violence consists of throwing some eggs, which in reality only hit the guards. Baek was unharmed. Right now, their lawyer is already working on the case so Han should be fine.

Specky guy also helpfully explains about the Chemical Factory construction which would not only pollute the environment but cause health problems to the employees. In fact, there's already been an example of such affected employee. Predictably, Taebaek is upset and reminds them that the construction could be stopped if the villagers objects. Which brings us back to the public vote in 2 weeks. However, some people might agree to the project because of the projected economic boom around the place. And BK would definitely emphasize that argument on a large scale. So now they need Taebaek and Jiyoon to make an ad to raise public awareness about the severity of the chemiccal factory associated environment pollution.

Jiyoon is undecided because she is wary of being associated with BK again. Taebaek tells her to rest. He wants to meet someone first.

It's Baek. He tells Baek to cancel the factory project because of the environment issues and the protests. Aw honey, I hardly think your opinion matters to him. Taebaek goes on about his personal experience but Baek doesn't really care.

Baek also enlightens us why he hates unfortunate people like Taebaek - they victimised themselves and blame others, so they possess a biased view of the world. With the same logic, Taebaek lost his home not because of BK but because his useless father could only afford to live in that village. Taebaek admits his father may not have been ruthless like Baek, but he sacrificed in other ways to protect the family. He will follow in dad's example and protect this village and Jiyoon.

Baek listens to his incredulous speech and thinks he's being naive (overestimated himself and underestimated Baek). Taebaek is very much aware of Baek's power. But even though he fears that power, he will not run away fromit. OK it's a cool speech but I hope you have a plan. Just saying.

When he returns, Jiyoon's made up her mind to make the ad together. She's had enough of running away and decides to fight it. However, she clarifies that they're only working together as colleagues, not as lovers. Taebaek is happy enough and respects her decision.

Baek again urges Addie to marry Jiyoon after they settle this matter. OK now it's not engagement, it's marriage. Addie wonders about the rush but Baek only replies casually that he's getting old and might not live to see the morrow.

Taebaek returns to Giant and finds everyone working just fine, and dating while they're at it. Except for Hassan. Heh. He tells JinGa and Lee about his decision to go against Baek. With everyone else listening in of course. JinGa and Lee thinks it's a bad idea but he's decided. And for that, he intends to quit Giant as well. He doesn't want to drag Giant into this mess. JinGa is furious and worried that he's probably throwing his chance at a good life away. Taebaek is prepared for the worse, just like he's prepared to lose Jiyoon. JinGa thinks he's better off avoiding such trouble. Taebaek feels he's more suited to make ads like the Everest one. The path would not be easy but he wants to try.

They can't change his mind, but neither can they risk everything they've worked for and Taebaek knows it. Yichan, Kong and Hassan adorably offers to help but Taebaek would never drag them through what they've been through again. He only asks that they be true giants in the ad industry. T__T

At BK Ad's meeting, we learn that the villagers are split 50-50 in favour of the project. They plan to promote the project as "A developed WuJin City for the future". They also need to clarify that the factory is well-equipped to deal with the pollution. Addie wants the famous and well-liked Jung MinYung as emcee and berates ShinPD for not being able to secure her casting. To drive his point home, Addie warns everyone of the dire consequences of failing the project.

Jiyoon and Taebaek meets up with specky and friend to discuss their next step. Specky again elaborates about the effects of polution - miscarriages, deformed babies, increased cancer rates - and how the law cannot effectively deal with these factories.

Jiyoon and Taebaek crack their heads trying to figure out the best way to deliver the message to the villagers,  without money and time that is. But they need something to attract people's attention. Jiyoon suggests using eco-bags. A pretty scenery of Wujin is printed on one side and the pollution effects on the other side. As the bags circulate, the ad would also reach more people.

A group of young men intercept them as they distribute the bags. They are mad because they believe the factory will provide jobs (half the population are unemployed) and improve the local economy. Furthermore, the pollution allegations are unproven. He warns them against trying anything or he'd have them arrested like Han.

Taebaek is mad but Jiyoon thinks it's just a matter of perception. And while she might disapprove of Baek's methods, she doesn't want to hate him. Taebaek seems to have calm down and tells her to look at his eyes to check.

 The hot-blooded young man is working for ShinPD, erm more like he believes in Shin's "manifesto". He also tells Shin about some ad guys hired by the environment groups - who previously worked on the Everest ad. Shin immediately alerts Addie.

Jiyoon and Taebaek sees BK's commercial on the TV, just as Addie appears before them. Addie reminds Jiyoon that the factory is her dad's project and what she's doing will affect that. He also berates Taebaek for dragging her into this knowing that Baek is her father. Even if it's her decision, Taebaek should have stopped her. Jiyoon wants to speak to Addie alone and Taebaek immediately offers to leave. Wow, that's a change, is it because you've given up on her?

Taebaeks waits with the doggie while they have their talk. Addie thinks she's just throwing a child's tantrum. If she disagrees with Baek's methods, she should just return to the company and change that. That would be impossible since Baek is stubborn as a mule. If that is so, whatever she does now will not be beneficial to anyone, least of all Taebaek.

Addie adds that Baek wants them married. And he agrees with Baek that it's impossible to get what one wants without hurting another. Jiyoon scoffs at that. She admits she used to like him, even moved by his passion. But he's changed since he started working for Baek. She hopes he can rediscover his old passion. Addie explains that he wants to climb to the top because he hates that no matter how good he is, he'd still have to adhere to his customers' wishes. Right now, he's not there yet. He tells her that they will be engaged before spring. Jiyoon says she won't attend but he says he'd be here as scheduled. OK this is driving me nuts. How on earth can they force someone to get married???????!

Addie finds Ahri and asks for her help. She's curious for the reason he's being so determined. Is it Jiyoon or Taebaek? It's neither. Regardless of what Jiyoon feels, he's determined to join the "royal family". He's chosen ambition over love. And Ahri must like that answer because she agrees.

Han is released from the lockup and the guys brief her on the current situation.  The hot blooded guy, Choi MinSong and his friends crash the party and warns her to give up or risks being kicked out from the village. Apparently Minsong is her ex schoolmate and first love. In truth, she understands his stand. Wujin might be a pretty town but without job opportunities, it's no different from a dead town. The young generation seek better prospects elsewhere and schools are closed down one after another. From their point of view, job opportunities is a chance to develop WuJin.

Even so, she still believes that the people and the environment are more important. Both parties have the town's best interest at heart and that contradiction makes things even more difficult for the people.

Han apologizes to Jiyoon for keeping her in the dark. She's fine with it. Han worries about her and Taebaek. Jiyoon tells her they are only working as colleagues who share the same ideals and she plans to return to USA once this is over. Han feels for them both.

Taebaek comes by and Han not so subtly leaves the place to themselves. Jiyoon is reluctant but Taebaek half-force half-pleads (with excuses and sad puppy eyes) that they spend some quiet time together. Jiyoon understands what he's doing.

JY: Taebaek-shi. Because of me, you're sufferring a lot right?
TB: Because I can't see you, it's been difficult.
JY: I don't want to cause you more hurt.
TB: If one is afraid of being hurt, then one shouldn't love. From the moment I met you, I've never regretted even for one second. But, if we are to break up because of this, I will regret it my whole life.

Jiyoon quickly excuses herself for the night. Probably didn't want to lose her resolve.

Next morning, the newspaper reports that the Environment Group's fund accounts are suspicious (the news is leaked by Ahri after her usual extensive research). One of the guys embezzled to cover mum's medical bills. Is this the end of their battle?

At Giant Ad, the guys learn that Taebaek and Jiyoon are in trouble. JinGa decides it's time for him to take action. Yay and no! I'm happy and yet I'm worried. Sigh.

The Environment Group are losing support due to the rumours. Worse, specky learns of Jiyoon's identity. He thinks Jiyoon's presence will unsettle the remaining members. Taebaek urges him to come clean with the rest. Jiyoon is here because she wants to atone for dad's misdeeds. They are both here fighting for the same cause. The rest is unconvinced even as Han vouches for them.

Han declares it's time for some action and the group takes to the streets again. With a placard saying "We deeply apologize for the Environment Group's misstep", they perform formal apologies (three steps and a kneel) on the streets. When Taebaek offer to replace a tired Han, specky tells him off since their presence would only muddle the waters. And tada! JinGa is here and  repeats the same thing.

The apologies won't work. Taebaek and Jiyoon appeals to JinGa for suggestions. The solution is simple. They are ad people - making ads are the only thing they are good at.

Addie wants ShinPD to continue keeping tabs on the situation. Meanwhile, Baek is having his BP checked. It must not be ideal because the doctor advises that he goes to the hospital asap. Baek wants to delay that until after the factory issue is resolved. Doctor warns that his condition necessitates complete rest, just by using medications will not be enough. OOOKKK. So daddy does have health issues.

JinGa, Taebaek and Jiyoon are having trouble coming up with a suitable idea. It's tougher since they're dealing with public sentiment and not a product. Han drops by on her way to feed the dog.

They got worried when the dog starts barking non-stop. Han has fainted. They send her to the hospital where they learn that she's got lung cancer. She had half her lung resected in the surgery. She used to work in a chemical factory for 5 years when she was younger. Her colleagues had also fallen sick one after another. When they protest to the company, they denied all responsibilities. That is why she feels so strongly against BK's chemical factory.

Taebaek wants to take over the formal apologies until Han recovers, especially since they are not getting any ideas. Jiyoon also agrees so JinGa could do nothing. 

During the street apology, MinSong and friends are here again, telling them to cut out the sympathy act. Taebaek has enough of his derision and brings him to visit Han at the hospital. As everyone pounds in the fact that the factory can endanger people's lives, Taebaek has his eureka moment. "It" is here!

The whole gang is here to help. What exactly is the idea, we don't know yet.

Finally the voting day arrives. Ahri and Addie are confident of the results since recent polls show that no one opposes.

Han is discharged from the hospital. She's in a good mood even if the results are uncertain. MinSong is here to visit her and even though they bicker, he couldn't refuse her when she appeals to him to consider helping her cause. Heh.

They head on to the voting place where their ad (whatever it is) is already on display. Addie and Ahri is also here.

It's a huge ad board with the gun barrel superimposed on a factory chimney. The copy says, "Air pollution kills 6 million people every year".

Addie is displeased with their last minute ad. It's illegal to sway the voters on the voting day. Taebaek says it's just a normal environment ad (a charity ad), nothing to do with their factory construction. And with MinSong on their side, the results would surely favour them.

Baek is furious to see the ad on TV and its possible influence over the voters. Later, the results reveal a slim victory for Han and gang. Addie wonders where they stumble. Is it Taebaek's ad? Ahri have no answer. They are dealing with people's heart after all. Ahri asks if he's given up on joining the royal family. Addie admits the decision is out of his hands. Ahri invites him to start over in USA together. Addie cannot decide.

Baek hears about Jiyoon and Taebaek's involvement and probably bursts an artery. Joking joking.

The good guys rejoice in their success and many broken fences are mended. Notably specky and Jiyoon...Taebaek and MinSong. The atmosphere is playful and familiar. Taebaek asks Jiyoon for a stroll, since he'd be back in Seoul in the morning.

He heard about her decision to return to USA and asks if she could stay. Suddenly Secretary and his goons are here and request for her return. When she refuses, they forcibly drags her into the car.  Taebaek gets a few punches and kicks for trying to stop them.

Dad is mad at her for messing up his plans but STILL insists she marries Addie. WTH! She refuses and he starts shouting. But that just make her more rebellious. She won't be giving up on Taebaek. Dad is like super mad now and threatens to end their father-daughter relationship. Jiyoon stands firm. His BP must have shot through the roof because he collapses to the floor, unconscious. Jiyoon rushes to his side. OK, that would be the stroke we all saw coming.


Now that Chairman Baek has a stroke (I presume), I can see how Jiyoon can really be forced down the altar. Previously, I feel that Baek's threats are just empty threats because really he's got nothing on her. She's no longer seeing Taebaek, no longer working at Giant so short of walking her down the aisle at gunpoint, I can't really imagine how the wedding can take place. But now that he's ill, I wonder if Jiyoon would agree to dad's wishes.

 Addie would surely still agree given that he's somehow won over by Chairman's Baek's "charming" philosophy. Though I must admit I didn't notice that shift in him until he actually said it. And with that, he's also lost the last shreds of respect and goodwill Jiyoon has for him. I particularly liked how Jiyoon confessed that she used to like him and were for a moment moved by him. And Jiyoon encouraging him to rediscover his passion made me really excited. My wishful thinking!! Would it actually come true?

As for the ad, it's creative but I wonder about the impact of the ad as a whole. We're dealing with public sentiment after all and I find it a tad bit simplistic. Oh well, we're done with this arc and let's see what we have in store next week. I hope we get at least one more ad before we wrap up!


  1. Thanks again for another recap! First off, I have to agree with you - when I saw the ad in the raw form, it seemed much more powerful. But after reading the ad copy, it seemed toned down quite a bit -- and you probably couldn't really say that without polling the populace whether or not that ad had an effect on the vote. But I'm assuming it did, since this is dramaland, LOL.

    Also, I am guessing the Chairman did have a stroke but it's hard to tell right now. If you do have a fairly strong stroke, you end up either slurring your words badly, or have paralysis on one side of your body. Sometimes both. You also have some short term memory loss problems as well as possible brain damage.

    On the other hand, if you have a heart attack -- which they seem to have more often in drama land even though a stroke can be prevented (as suggested by the drama doc)whereas a heart attack is harder to prevent. After a heart attack though, you can easily diagnose it through a blood test.

    One of the interesting things, is that Ji Yoon calls to him "president, president, president!" instead of father. If he was conscious at this time he should know that none of his attempts to bully a 28 year old independent modern woman into an arranged marriage would work. First off buddy, you need to improve your relationship with her to the point where she actually calls you father instead of calling you because of the bad or inappropriate things you do, then maybe you will have a chance at suggesting a partnership with Addie.

    Right now Maymay, I am not sure where this drama is going. If the chairman croaks right now it would be interesting -- though not sure what he had planned in an eventuality. It could change Taebaek's view of Ji Yoon if she were to suddenly become CEO and head stockholder of a powerful multinational conglomerate. But we'll see. I know that she still has major feelings for TaeBaek -- I mean, come on, they have been working so closely together, they are a great team, they are each other's muse, and inspiration (redundant I know, hehe). I can't see her running away to America again. Maybe Addie, Ji Yoon and Ahri will all go back to the US and start an advertising company over there. I take it Addie's father, having been forced to sell the company is in retirement, all that's left is for his son to marry Ahri and the Addie will have to continually watch over his shoulder to see when Ahri will sabatoge some rival of his in the name of love and ambition, LOL.

    One quick note -- you knew something was wrong when the dog started barking. It seems that 99.999% of the time the dog just sits there passively. This samoyed is one of the most mellow dogs I've ever seen. God forbid they use it as a watch dog, LOL.

    Well, looking forward to next week's thrilling conclusion!

    1. LOL Maymay --
      I stand corrected, he did stroke out. I started watching today's episode and his head is all wrapped up. I guess the fact that he didn't clutch at his chest like they always do was a sign. Also, we see his first wife and two sons today as well. So he has heirs, no idea why he's so interested in Ji Yoon's simple yet carefree life, poor girl.

  2. Thanks for all your recaps.
    Man Ahri needs to choose if she wants to be bad or good and Daddy Baek is super annoying.......

  3. baek ji yoon must choose eddie kang...........

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