Recap: Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek Episode 8

Troubles ahoy for the idealist.

Episode 8

Jiyoon joins JinGa in the ambulance, all worried.

In the hospital, they learn that he had stress-induced gastritis. The two of them grumble about Taebaek's extreme methods which led to this, only to have him waking up in answer. He's unrepentent even as Jiyoon tells him off for being overly naive. JinGa note the lovers' spat and pulls Jiyoon away for a quiet talk.

JinGa has already noticed the closeness between the two and advises her to confess if they like each other. I guess she's the only one still unaware of her own feelings because she continues to deny that they are in that kind of relationship.

JinGa returns to the room to find the whole gang visiting. Taebaek asks cautiously if she's left. Yeah, you doofus! The gang are worried about tomorrow since they've got nothing to show. Yichan even suggests that they runaway. Heh. JinGa tells them to go home and rest.

Whatever her mouth may say, her heart seem to lean the other direction. Jiyoon browses the net to find recommended food for Taebaek's condition. And it's only then that she recalls Addie's confession.

In the hospital, only Taebaek and JinGa is left. Still blank, JinGa admits his fears. It's the first time he's faced this and it's kinda scary.

Morning comes. Jiyoon is late for work. Others reprimand her but not only did Addie not blame her, he invites her to attend the PT. Wow, he's not even hiding his favouritism now. Everyone exchanges knowing glances and Lee starts asking about the GRC gang. When it is known that Taebaek was admitted the night before, they are practically in celebratory mood since victory is imminent.

Hilariously, Taebaek the patient is sleeping in a sitting position while everyone else (the whole gang is still here) takes the beds. He snaps awake and the elderly grandpa beside him apologizes for waking him. Grandpa tells Taebaek his his "wife" came by. And Taebaek finds the porridge with a note of encouragement from Jiyoon (so that's why she was late for work!). Grandpa thinks they're a pair of happy newlyweds and shares some wisdom about true love.

The talk about love triggers something in his brain and he wakes JinGa excitedly, declaring he's got it.

Addie and gang are about to present their proposal. Mrs. VP asks for GRC but is told that they are not ready. Addie proceeds with their presentation which links the seafood ramyun to the yacth ride in the sea and some pretty babes. The president is particularly enthusiastic about the casting, and suggests a pretty top star, Wang HyeRi but his missus disagrees.

Just then, the GRC gang finally makes it. But of course they haven't had time to prepare any presentation. Taebaek suggests a sketch instead  with a pair of newlyweds as their concept. So Taebaek narrates while the Miss Kong and Yichan acts out the scene. It ends with "Sarang hae ramyun" which is a pun on "saranghae ra myun". Mrs.VP claps happily, clearly pleased. Her hubby not so, but can't exactly object.

Addie tries to salvage the situation by announcing they've already secured top actress, Wang HyeRi and top director, Ahn JaeWoo for the CF. President immediately sides with Addie. The missus asks for timeout. Hihi. Again?

After much deliberation (the details of which we are not privy to), it is announced that they will go by GRC's concept with the director and actress by GS Ad. So they are supposed to cooperate and produce the CF together. Wakaka. Still not out of each other's hair.

Taebaek gloats and Addie concedes that they have lost. So he would restructure the contract as promised.

It's a frosty ride home for the GS Ad. Jiyoon feels a little guilty, even as she reads a thank you note from Taebaek.

On the other hand, the GRC gang are ecstatic. However, Taebaek looks glum as he waits for Jiyoon's reply. JinGa sees through him and teases him about the CF idea, which is clearly what he wishes for himself and Jiyoon.

It's back to the meeting room again. They have received orders to complete the CF within two weeks. Addie places the GS gang in charge of preproduction while the GRC gang will follow through the actual shooting. GS team is disgruntled but I smell rat again. Especially since Addie comments that both the actress and director are difficult people to work with. The GRC team are not worried and full of confidence though.

Rep Kang blasted the team for losing out to GRC. He demands a post mortem from Addie and storms off. Jiyoon looks really conflicted. She is probably happy Taebaek won but she still feels bad for Addie as well.

Ahri is worried GRC might screw up the shooting but Addie assures her he's got it covered. Aish...means more trouble for the currently ecstatic GRC gang. Even as they celebrate bragging rights over the GS gang, Taebaek wonders if Jiyoon would be scolded.

JiYoon ask for an hour of Addie's time and brings him to a games arcade to destress. Problem is he's clearly out of his league when Jiyoon defeats him at the "streetfighting" game. Jiyoon thinks he might be offended but it turns out there's a childish side to him. He keeps going at it and burst into a huge satisfied smile when he finally defeats her. Hah.

For the basketball throwing game, some skinship is involved resulting in a moment of awkwardness when Addie tries to teach her how to make a proper throw. They have a great time and Addie sends her home, thanking her for the destressing session. She says it like it's something a subordinate would do but he asks if it's a reminder that they are only of a superior-subordinate relationship. She adds hesitantly about the watching eyes in the company and her uncertainty so he lets her off the hook. At present they are workmates plus playmates and he thanks her for the fun times.

Her aunt sees them from the window and gets all excited thinking they're dating. Jiyoon denies and judging from her glum expression, aunt immediately realizes that Jiyoon is torn between Addie and Taebaek. She'd rather she finds someone stable (hence the Addie favouritism). Taebaek chooses that exact moment to call. He thanks her for the porridge and tells her that she was the source of his inspiration for the ramyun ad. The pun sounded like a confession of sorts but they are interrupted by her aunt, so Jiyoon hangs up abruptly.

Soran and grandma is happy to learn that Taebaek finally gets to make a real commercial. Soran pesters him to bring her along, seeing this as a chance to hook up with Yichan. She also offers to help him with his lovelife, but he'd have to bring her to the shooting site.

The GRC gang meets up (Soran came along) all pumped up for the CF shoot. JinGa even bought a new car for the occasion.

Jiyoon, Ahri and Lee are also headed there, with Lee more eager to watch GRC suffer since it's well-known that the actress and director are extremely prickly to work with. The two team meet up with Soran particularly surprised to see Ahri (BokHee). Taebaek makes her promise to pretend they're strangers.

Enthusiasm aside, they face a big problem before shooting even starts. Their client (likely the sleazy president) decides that actress Wang will shoot alone, which is against their concept of newlyweds.

Taebaek assigns JinGa to liase with Director Ahn, speaking of whom is currently wandering outside, alone. He's clearly the moody eccentric artistic type, so I see how he's gonna be trouble. Miss Kong is assigned to take care of Actress Wang's needs, who's kind of sensitive. YiChan is in charge of the ramyun with...Soran. Taebaek puts himself in charge of the site, so everyone has to report to him. And to spite the other team, he tells them to rest and observe. Ahri and Lee accepts gladly, with only Jiyoon looking worried.

And she is right to be worried. The Director is already picking bones with the food presentation and refused to proceed until they meet his expectation. Miss Kong also runs into trouble with Wang requesting changes from flowers to aroma, spouting foreign sounded names. Luckily Jiyoon is there to save the day.

But them trouble keeps coming. Wang receives an invitation to Japan and cut down their shooting time to 12 o'clock. What's more, her decision is endorsed by President Choi, their client. A dissatisfied Taebaek wants to negotiate with her, but she refuses to entertain him personally. Her manager is just as cold, which leaves no room for negotiation. Oh please control your temper Taebaek....

Even as they try to speed up the process, President Choi decides to show up presumably to woo the pretty actress. However, the shooting is not going smoothly because our dear actress decides to eat ramyun like she would spaghetti. The director blows his top and Taebaek is forced to convince her to eat "normally". Taebaek demonstrates for her but she refuses to comply. Sleazy Prez appears and she's immediately all flirty and shoos Taebaek away. Hah. His missus won't be happy.

Sleazy Prez wants to make changes because supposedly the glamourous Wang is not suited to the housewife image in the original script. TaeBaek tries to object but JinGa accepts his suggestion to change the image to that of a modern working girl.

Ahri is on the phone, reporting the non-progress to Addie who says he's coming in an hour. Soran still bears a grudge towards her for her treatment of Taebaek and threatens to embarrass her before her colleagues. Ahri is cool and warns that it'll reflect badly on her brother.

Meanwhile Taebaek is working on a new story board. It's completed and Wang is fitted in trendier clothes (it looks awful imo) but look who decided to join the party. Missus Choi is here and objects to the change.

Husband and wife argue but the conclusion is another shocker. Now the missus demands that the character be changed to the mother of a child. Dum dum dum dum. Another story change??? Worse, hubby compromises but insists that the mother has to be a working mother. Muahaha. Now they've got to cast a kindergarden kid as well.

It's a nightmare for all because the child they casted (just a regular next door kid, they don't have time to find a child star) keeps crying. Then the director and Hwang have a major fall out over the issue of her thick makeup. She declares she's quitting.

Wang is sulking in her room when Soran enters, introduces herself as Taebaek's sister and requests for an autograph. She obliges but as Soran starts bugging her about her nose job (omg!!), she tears up the autograph and insults her and Taebaek.

Jiyoon enters and Soran storms off. She offers a lunch pack to Wang, who scoffs at it and throws it to the floor. Taebaek witnesses the scene since he's at the door. DON'T!! DON'T LOSE YOUR TEMPER! Oh dear, my chanting didn't work 'cause he starts telling her off for being such a diva. Great, now she's REALLY quitting. At least he knows he blows it and with Jiyoon's insistence, runs after Wang.

That's not the end of their nightmare. Director Ahn decides he's had enough of the rude Wang and wants out too. Then it's the sleazy Prez's turn to blow his top. He slaps Taebaek for ruining the shoot and demands that GRC compensates for the loss of the day. Fortunately (thank god!), Taebaek admits hs fault and promises to get Wang back.

He kneels before her and asks for forgiveness. She tells him his acting sucks, because he doesn't look the least sorry. Then she tells him how he mucked up. Basically, she means that she deserves special treatment, because she's a star. By treating her like everyone else, he's robbed her of her star halo.

Addie plays the hero by showing up in the nick of time. He hints at the possibility of her reclaiming the Western Coffee ad, and she's immediately putty in his hands.

Meanwhile, Ahri is also off for damage control. As usual, she resorts to blackmail - threatening to tell his wife about his "relationship" with a model from another CF - and he immediately folds.

Taebaek apologizes for screwing up and the whole team is depressed. Then our heroes of the day return with the actress and director, who are infinitely more cooperative. Addie takes over and the gloomy atmosphere immediately dispersed.

Shooting goes on without a hitch but the GRC gang is uninvolved. Taebaek is missing from the celebratory feast later. And when Jiyoon asks for him, JinGa tells her he wants some time alone. Yeah, I would make you sit in a corner and reflect too. And of course, Ahri and Addie both notes her concern for Taebaek. Taebaek is doing some heavy brooding, with Addie and Ahri's words coming back to haunt him.

Ahri finds Jiyoon in the washroom and asks her opinion of Addie. She is forthright about her attraction to him and casually asks if Jiyoon would help her. Addie calls, interrupting the girl talk.

Addie tells her that Wang lost her necklace at the shooting scene, so Addie and Jiyoon heads over to find it. But...Taebaek is brooding there! Furthermore, AhRi learns that Wang never lose a necklace. Addie lied? He does come up with a necklace though....hmm...his gift for Jiyoon or just a ruse to spend some time together?

Meanwhile, Taebaek is in the dressing room, seriously considering AhRi's advice. Besides passion and enthusiasm, he must be able to calmly analylze the situation. In his current state, he cannot protect the woman he loves and just as she'd left him, Jiyoon would leave him too.

My guess is correct, because Addie turns all serious and tells Jiyoon the necklace is for her. And because it's time for a cliffhanger, Taebaek decides to head towards them and overhears the rest of their conversation.

Addie asks her to hold onto the necklace for a month. He's already confessed and while she might not reciprocate his feelings right now, she might change her opinion after a month with him, Jiyoon does not answer and sees Taebaek who's looking mighty glum at the side. And because more the merrier, Ahri also shows up and everyone stares at each other in various degrees of shock.

For a moment, it seems like Taebaek might turn and leave but he turns around and walks right up to Jiyoon. He calls her softly and grabs her hand to leave. Addie reacts pretty fast and holds him back. Jiyoon looks at both men with a beleaguered expression and I'm betting AhRi is just plain jealous.


Yay...Taebaek finally realizes he's too headstrong and willful. While his enthusiasm is admirable, the overly idealist in him would surely make it difficult for him to blend into the ad industry. I'm not saying he should ditch his principles, but you know, there should be better ways to solve problems than to lose your temper and start preaching. It ain't gonna work everytime and it's good he's finally realised it. How ironic that it's Addie and AhRi who's help him achieve this insight. That's my favourite thing for this episode because the ramyun ad concept is a bit of a letdown for me.

I dunno why but this drama has a tendency to group everyone together for the cliffhanger. I can always see it coming that it's actually funny. LOL. By the way, I read the news that Han Chae Young is 11 weeks pregnant - Congratulation!! Thank goodness there's only about three weeks of filming left so she can take a rest and not overexert herself.


  1. Posting as anonymous but this is Brian.
    Anyways -- thanks again for recapping this series Maymay. When you mentioned the cliffhangers -- or end of an episode, you are right, they always seem to have all 4 of them together as a group. Most of the time, Ji Yoon looks worried, and the men have a look of aggression while Ahri's look varies depending on who the center of attention.

    I still say that Addie is way too cool with his attempts at affection with Jiyoon, although this episode, at the arcade, he shows a much more human side. The thing with the necklace though, is probably pushing things a bit too quickly -- I'm not quite sure he understands how Ji Yoon thinks. She's attracted to Tae Baek because of his honesty. Whatever he does, you don't have to question if he's being deceptive. It's all there on his face, his body language, his entire being.

    I'm not sure that Addie has noticed that Ji Yoon isn't really good friends with her father and doesn't like his deceptive actions and watching Addie pull the same sort of tricks against GRC probably hurts her.

    This episode also showed that sometimes you need to have more than just heart and dedication to get the job done. You needed that background and extra bargaining chips that Addie and Ahri had to get the commercial completed.

    Incidentally -- my guess for the finale of the show, would be to have Tae Baek VS Addie in a winner take all commercial pitch -- the victor gets BK Ad and Daddy Baek's blessing for Ji Yoon's hand in marriage. Of course the girl in question may not be interested in playing a pawn in a major chess game where the stakes go beyond a person's feelings.

  2. I agree Addie is pushing it but it's not like he has a choice. Everyone could see the growing attraction and attachment between Jiyoon and Taebaek, himself most of all...since he's always watching her (which would creep me out if he was my boss). So, like how he dangled the actress/director bait at CheGo Food, he would feel the need to do SOMETHING to put himself in contention for her affection.

    At this stage, Jiyoon still harbours a pretty rosy image of Addie. We all knew he's working his tricks on GRC, but you gotta admit he always does it in such a way that he gets to remain all magnanimous and nice on the surface. What he and Ahri do behind the scenes are only known to these two individuals. So I can't wait to have her realise that Addie is not as "nice" as she thinks.

    I also think Addie is super calculative. He knew the estranged relationship between father and daughter. Remember his exhaustive research on her before he made his moves? I think he feels daddy will win in the end. Even if she doesn't reconcile with him, it wouldn't matter - because his ultimate aim is CI.

    By the way, I know Jiyoon is no typical weak heroine but I feel she's done nothing in the past few episodes. For someone who wants to be a great copywriter, I don't see her working her craft at all. Besides the copy for the car ad, she's had zero output.

    1. Heh, found a way to put my name on here instead of going anonymous. Anyway, you're right. Addie has hidden a lot of his machinations from Ji Yoon. I also see your point regarding his relationship with Ji Yoon - in order for him to get his hands on the CI money/hit his ambition, he doesn't necessarily have to get her, but at least do enough that the Chairman thinks he's sincere. LOL, although sincerity isn't really his strong point, although you'll see in eps 9 and 10 he is sincere in his threats.

      You're also right about her not doing anything, but she's just an intern at Geumsan. I suppose if she found a job where she is considered higher up on the ladder she can become the head copywriter . . . (wink wink!)

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