Recap : The Princess' Man episode 10

I just found out SR’s mother is also known as Lady Yoon. So from this episode onwards, I shall refer to her as such.
Episode 10

This episode begins by going backwards…
.........from the moment Kim and SY is killed but gives a little more information here and there. Of interest is Prince An-Phyung did not answer the King’s summon and is therefore still alive. In their audience with the King, GP Suyang and his men declares that the heads of Kim JongSeo, Jo GeukGwan, Sin Min is to be paraded as traitors to the public. All their family members will also be hunted down and executed. Shin Sook Joo proposes that the King returns to the palace. Princess KH is nervous because that would mean the King will be alone and defenseless in the palace. Jeong proposes that they protect the King and wait until the situation is under control before moving back. Suyang rejected his proposal by using the excuse that the alleged revolt led by Kim happened because the King was not in the palace. KH demands to escort the King back but this is also overruled because the Princess is now married and not in the position to do so. The King accepts the arrangement realizing that resistance is futile. KH and Jeong bids goodbye to the King who reassures them he is going to be fine. KH looks on and cries, frustrated and helpless.
 Then we come to the scene of SJ staggering through the marketplace and SeRyung crying in her room.
Next, we see the Ministers are pressuring the King for Cabinet reshuffle. The King is no match for them and he finally yields. GPrinceSuyang is made leader of the Cabinet to stabilize the political uncertainty and hunt down the remaining rebels. That the crafty wolf can still declare his loyalty to the King with a straight face makes my blood boil. Shin SookJoo who now serves as advisor to Suyang explains that everything they’ve done so far is to ensure the public understands that the events that has transpired is inevitable and further establish Suyang’s authority.

SY makes his way to the place where his father’s head is hung. He hears whispers that GP Suyang is making his way home. (The public opinion of GP Suyang is not good, that’s why they are hushed whispers everywhere). SeRyung mother, Lady Yoon orders Yeori to drag SeRyung out if she has to because the public will be watching so it’s kind of essential that they put up a front. And so the events that will lead to the discovery of SeRyung’s identity is in place.

The ahjummas in front of SY are very “helpful” in unraveling the truth. They whisper how GPSuyang’s children are very pretty and are the future prince and princesses. They point to SeRyung and conveniently pointed out that she is the favourite eldest daughter of GPSuyang. SY is understandably in shock.

But the sight of GP Suyang enrages him and he attacks him amidst looks of shock from SR, GP Suyang and Myeon. He doesn’t get very far before he gets restrained by the guards. He locks gaze with SR who is overwhelmed by the fact that SY is alive. Jabun knocks him out. (Twice in two days LOL). GP Suyang is unable to do anything rash because they were in public eyes.

SeRyung is sent to her room but she struggles to get free, anxious to see SY. Her mother shows up, initially raising her hand to strike her but eventually embraces her. She feels sad for her but reminds her that SY is now aware of her identity and the reality is, she is the daughter of the man who killed SY father and there’s nothing she can do for him. She advises her to be strong and forget SY.

Meanwhile, GP is furious with Myeon. He warns him that he will not tolerate incompetents and orders that he kill and behead SY.

SR makes a final plea to her father to let SY live. In exchange, she’ll live her life according to his wishes. GP refuses because SY will definitely seek revenge on him if he is not killed.
Princess KH is anxious after hearing rumors that GP Suyang will be crowned King, knowing that the King must have been coerced to agree to that. KH and Jeong receive news that SY is caught. They also receive a letter from Prince An-Phyung who escaped the massacre. However, they are devastated to find Prince An-Phyung arrested by Myeon. They do meet someone else, Prince Geum Sung (Suyang’s younger brother) who pledges to support the young King. They know that they are weak and in need of more support.

 Jeong and his teacher Lee Gae goes to visit SY and hears Myeon ordering that SY and the rest of the prisoners are to be executed the next day. SY awakes and tortured by the images of SeRyung, wails like a raving lunatic, only to be beaten up. Jeong and Lee Gae look on, pained.

Lee Gae tries to talk some sense into Myeon who stands by his decision. Jeong is devastated that SY is to be executed the next day. SR who is also at the prison overhears.

Jabun allows her entry and once inside she’s greeted by screams of agony. She wants to see SY but she realizes her identity will only cause him to suffer. She turns back but sees Myeon. She asks him to save SY. Myeon reminds her that he is her fiancé and that she should never bring up SY’s name in front of him again. She asks if he is fine seeing his best friend die. He counters that he’s only following orders. She tells him that SY used to say Myeon is a trustworthy person. She mockingly asks if he’s only capable of such “trust”. SR leaves. Myeon is not too pleased.
Once alone with yeori, SR lets her vulnerability show. She is upset at her own helplessness…still trying to figure out a way to save SY.
In the dead of the night, SR retrieves a sword. The next morning, SR kneels before her father with the sword at her side. GP Suyang is furious she dares threaten him with her life over a lover. She stresses that it is to prevent him from killing innocent people. Suyang dismisses her threat but she steps it up by raising the sword to her neck and announces that she will commit suicide the moment SY is executed.
Meanwhile, Jabun is making rounds to ensure the preparations for the public execution are ready. SJ and the other prisoners are dragged to the execution area.

GP and his men are rejoicing on the impending executions. There is the small matter that the King has not agreed to the execution though. The group encounters the King. The King tries to convince GP Suyang to not kill anymore, even more so his blood family.

We see the executions being carried one by one. SR is still staging her one man protest. Suddenly an eunuch whispers something in the ears of GP Suyang. We see the King smiling. Good news?? They see Prince Geum Sung along with Princess KH, Jeong, Lee Gae heading towards them. Prince Geum Sung reports that innocent people are being killed outside and requests that Prince An Phyung be freed. Prince Geum insists that Prince An Phyung is innocent and should be given a fair trial. GP Suyang explains because of the urgency of the matter, the leader of the rebellion is executed on the spot. GP declares the King has already been informed and advises him not to interfere. Suddenly, we hear the King address GP Suyang, quietly but with unmistakable firmness. He decrees that the executions be halted and that the prisoners be punished according to the law. He further rules out any arguments from GP Suyang, saying that his words is King’s orders. This sudden show of strength stunned GP Suyang and gang and renders them speechless.

At the execution stage, it’s is finally SY turn. And because we can’t have our hero dying before the series is over, the Royal decree arrives at that precise moment, staying the execution. However, the messenger announces that all the prisoners are to be stripped of nobility and exiled the next day. SY looks to the grey sky.

Meanwhile, a visibly pale and weak SR could hardly hold on to her sword.

Lady Yoon : You might as well raise your sword towards your own mother first, useless child. (It’s obvious she’s both hurting for SR but disappointed in her as well)
GP Suyang: I know you can be as stubborn as me. But I do not know that you would defy your father’s wishes to this nature. Kim Seongyoo is pardoned from death but he will be banished at the first light of day.
SR: Is that true?
GP Suyang : Today, I will abide by your wishes. But if you repeat this again, you will not be forgiven.

Prince Geum Sung, Princess KH and Jeong is proud of the young King and reminds him not to forget a King’s authority. Prince Geum Seum also notes that they have to bring back Prince An Phyung safely so that GP Suyang would not harm the King.

GP Suyang and gang also realizes that they underestimated the young King. They fear the return of Prince An Phyung who would protect the young King. They are also wary of Prince Geum Sung who commands an army equipped with firepower (think cannons and the like) and is reputable amongst SungKyunKwan students. Another threat to them is Kim SeongYoo who is still alive. Myeon is surprised to hear Han hinting that SY would not survive the journey to the KangWaDou. (The journey supposedly involves the sea, I assume SY is to board a boat/ship). Later, Han approaches his underlings and announces vaguely that they are to go breathe some sea air. (Meaning he wants them to kill SY).

SR wants to meet SY for the last time. Yeori tries to dissuade her but to no avail. Myeon who sees her also does not stop her, reasoning that it would be for the last time.

SR enters alone. She sees SY. SY rises slowly and walks wordlessly towards her. SR braces herself for his anger. SY, his eyes wild with anger, strangles her.

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