Recap : The Princess' Man Episode 11

There is more action in this episode and it’s kind of difficult to get nice screencaps and explain the actions in words. LOL. Still, I do what I can.
Episode 11
Finally, after 10 episodes, SY and SR meet each other as their real selves. Strangling SR, SY is trying to make sense of this unexpected turn of events.
SY : Who exactly are you? Are you really GP Suyang’s daughter???!
SR does not resist nor does she reply. JaBun’s men frees her from SY’s grasp.
SY: How dare you show yourself before me? Your life…and your father’s life, I will take them for sure…I will definitely have my revenge!!
SR, expecting his wrath but perhaps not really prepared for it, looks at him heartbroken but with a hint of determination.
SR: My name is Lee SeRyung. Please survive….and come back to take my life. I will wait for that day to arrive.
It's sad that she’s trying to goad him to live on, even if his reason for living is to kill her. SY is confused and angry at this…recounting how his father had warned him that his love will endanger his life. SR is overwhelmed by the encounter and could hardly walk. Myeon shows up by her side. She ignores him but he follows her regardless. Yeori tails them quietly, perhaps not wanting to interfere.  Myeon sees the scar on her neck and wants to escort her home, using the excuse that she is his betrothed. SR is cold and rude towards him, indicating she wants nothing to do with a man with no principles. She leaves and Yeori quickly follows.
On reaching her home, she stares at the entrance for the longest time.
SR: This home feels so foreign. So frightening.
GP Suyang returns with Im Woon and asks her why she’s out at this late hour. (There’s a lot of camera close up shots of Im Woon that I’m starting to think he’s going to play a pivotal role later on…perhaps he’s secretly in love with SR??). SR no longer fears him, answering honestly that she went to see SY at the prison. GP reminds her of her promise to abide by his wishes if SY is not killed. He will be preparing for her wedding to Myeon soon. SR is slightly taken aback, having not giving much thought on that. Myeon, who was trailing her all this while is astonished to learn that her scar is due to her attempted suicide attempt to save SJ. His jealousy flares up and he turns to drinking. A drunk Myeon goes to see SJ.
SM: You really want to kill that woman? Isn’t she the one you’ve loved all this time?
SY: I didn’t know she is daughter of GP Suyang.
SM: But I hear she tried to save you by threatening to commit suicide…would you believe that?
SY: That has nothing to do with me.
SM: Nothing to do with you? Is that how it is…? I’ve wasted my breath telling you something that has nothing to do with you…
With that, Myeon rise and starts to walk away. SY begs him to find his sister-in-law and niece and help them escape. Myeon refuses. SY tries to appeal to his conscience by stating his father is innocent. Myeon rebuts that if his father had killed GP Suyang, their situation would be reversed. He tells SY to accept his fate. SY asks if he truly believes in fate…if he believes his blood-stained hands would be forgiven. Myeon just bids him farewell and leaves (he knows Han will have SJ killed).
GP Suyang and Han plans to kill the rest of Prince An Phyung supporters who are supposed to be exiled. We see Mae Hyang bringing a letter and cash to a young man who begins writing. Is he forging the letters?
Prince Geum Sung and Princess KH stop the procession escorting the exiled Prince An Phyung. Appealing to the sense of righteousness of the guard, they ask to speak to Prince AP. Prince GS promises to hold out until Prince AP returns. Prince AP vows to return to expose the treachery of GP Suyang and assist the young King.
Jeong and Lee Gae go to see SJ being led away. Unbeknownst to SJ, SR is also in the crowd watching him teary-eyed. Little A-Kang and her mother, Lady Ryu are among the prisoners. A-Kang sees SJ and shouts for her uncle but faints. A crowd forms around her and her mother shielding them from SJ’s sight. SR is concerned by the child’s plight but is restrained by Yeori and the guards when she tries to help.
Later, it occurs to SR that the child is related to SY, she remembers her from her previous escapade to Kim’s Residence. She goes to the prison whereby her status as GP Suyang’s daughter comes in handy because she’s allowed entrance. Myeon also glimpses Ah-Kang and Lady Ryu. Before he can react, he finds SR standing before him. SeRyung wishes to bring the child to seek medical care. Myeon refuses, aware that she’s only insisting because the child is related to SY. SR convinces him that they will both regret it if the child is to die.
SR brings Ah-Kang and Lady Ryu to the doctor who says the child is just too frightened. Lady Ryu thanks SR profusely. SR aware that this is partially her fault, apologizes to her instead but did not elaborate.
The King is having a face-off with GP Suyang. He wants a new trial so that the innocent Prince AP could be freed. Shin SookJoo comes in bearing evidence of an alleged letter found in Prince AP’s abode, which implicates Prince AP of rebellion. Ok, now I understand what was happening before. Suyang employed someone to forge Prince AP’s handwriting (with the poetry on the painting done by Prince AP as template) and create this so-called evidence. Ah…the crafty wolf strikes again. Faced with this new evidence, the inexperienced young King runs out of arguments.

Jeong prepares lots of birds to please KH. Apparently he learns that she likes to listen to birds chirping. KH is surprised and touched. Jeong pledges to do his utmost to protect both her and the King. (Phew, at least one couple is doing alright). Eun geum disrupts the moment to bring news from the palace. They cabinet is asking for death sentence to Prince AP. Jeong offers to check things out.
In the palace, all the ministers are pressuring the King to sentence Prince AP to death in view of the strong evidence. Inside the chamber, the King and GP Suyang is still standing firm. But the young King is obviously wavering especially when faced with all the appeal documents. GP Suyang smirks knowing the King would not be able to withstand the pressure for long.
 Out at sea, we see two ships. One holds the prisoners. Han’s three goons are on board the one behind, waiting for the right time to strike. In the prisoners’ ship, there are a few anxious faces. The prisoner next to SY is alert to the danger ahead. He correctly deduces that the ship behind them is up to no good and that GP Suyang is going to have all of them dead. He seems to have a plan but is irked that SY does not respond. SY looks half dead, maybe too heartbroken to care?
Back in the palace, it’s a win for GP Suyang and gang. Prince Geum Sung is furious and asks if GP wants to kill him next. GP warns him to rein in his emotion.
On the ship, the prisoner next to SY fakes a fight and the guards unlock the door to break up the fight. The two prisoners hold the Head of the guards hostage and asks to be released from their shackles. The spy on the ship signals to Han’s goons. After receiving clearance, he takes advantage of the hostage situation and sneaks to the ship’s bottom and starts hacking. The ship starts to leak and water gushes in. The prisoners and guards hear the commotion. Just as the guard is passing the key to the prisoner, the ship starts to rock. In the midst of the chaos, the prisoners slay the guards and try to free themselves. However, the prisoners, in their selfish bid to survive also start to fight among themselves.
Prince AP is sentenced to death by poison. GP is pleased.
In the ship, it’s every man for himself. Even SJ seems to awaken a little from his reverie. SJ and the man he’s chained with, manage to swim to the surface just as the ship sinks (the underwater scenes are beautiful). The danger is not over though because the three goons are still waiting to finish off the survivors. They shoot the survivors with arrows and slay the ones who manage to climb onboard. Basically the prisoners are like sitting ducks.

GP visits Myeon and informs him of his promotion (I am not sure how to translate his position, a level 4 official at HanSeungGwan). SeRyung escorts Lady Ryu back to the prison and meets her father there. She explains herself, but GP Suyang intentionally mistakes her purpose as being motherly and brings up the issue of her marriage again.
Meanwhile, a group of prisoners manage to swim to land but their pursuers are right on their trail. And so we have a cat and mouse chase on the island. At one point, while SY and his new prisoner “friend” are hiding, he sees HamGwi whom he recognizes as his father’s murderer. Luckily, his friend stops him before he rushes out. I swear SY has a death wish. Now if only his new-found friend has a name.
By nightfall, a few others join them. Now SY has even more “friends”. They have a meeting to discuss their next course of action. They decide they need to retaliate or risk being eliminated the next day. SY, triggered by his encounter with HamGwi earlier is also becoming more active.
They sneak into a makeshift camp by Han’s men by the sea, stealing clothing and weapons. However, one false move and the entire group are awakened. They run for their lives, SY and his friend are especially hampered since they are still chained together. Their plan to lure them into the forest works as they manage to kill quite a few of Han’s men.
Chil gap realizing they’re in a disadvantage and warns his men to back off from the forest. HamGwi shows up near the place SY is hidden. SY could not restraint himself from seeking revenge and engages him in a fight. SY finally overpowers him and pierces his torso with his sword, as his friend look on open-mouthed.
 I say good riddance. Finally!


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