Recap : The Princess' Man Episode 9

I hope no one gets confused with the names and initials I used. I also named the minions so that's a lot of names.
Episode 9
SY finds his father and brother lying motionless on the ground. Suddenly, SeongGyu’s wife notices that Kim JongSeo’s fingers twitches. SY immediately props him up and they are relieved that Kim is still alive. Just then, Chil Gap and his men show up. A fight breaks out. SY has the upper hand and Chil Gap escapes. Kim has sufficiently regains his consciousness and instructs SY to inform the King and the Princess that he is alive and that they should not give in to GP Suyang. SY is reluctant to leave them behind. SeongGyu’s wife assumes responsibility and promises to take care of Kim.
Myeon and his men spring into action after receiving the news that it is time. They slaughter the King’s Imperial Guards and take over security. The fracas wakes Princess KH who rushes to the King. A moment later, Jeong also shows up, concerned about the noise. They are still unaware of what is happening and believes the Imperial Guards will keep them safe.
Jeong offers to check out the situation. He is shocked as he registers the scene where Myeon kills the Head of Imperial Guards. Myeon orders him be taken away. GP arrives and suspects that Myeon is friends with Jeong. Han interrupts that it’s imperative that they seek an audience with the King immediately.
GP and his men forces their way through to meet the King. He declares that Kim is guilty of treason and has been executed accordingly. He then presented a list of Kim’s supposed allies, demanding they be summoned here. PrincessKH is outraged that he plans to dispose of everyone who opposes GP. GP has the princess and Jeong removed from the King’s presence. Jeong asks Myeon if he killed Seongyoo. He does not answer.

Yeori returns home but bumps into Song, SeRung’s younger brother. Concerned, he demands to know the whereabouts of SeRyung. Yeori leads him to the warehouse, where SeRyung faints. They bring her back to the room, on Song’s orders. Their mother is furious that SeRyung is released against her orders but softens her stance when she finds that it is Song who explains that SeRyung has passed out and that in her current condition, she will pose no harm.
SY hides himself in the bushes to observe the situation outside of the Princess’ Residence. He sees Myeon guarding the entrance. He sees Minister Jo Geuk-Gwan arriving and entering the premises and thinks it’s safe. However, he stops in his tracks when he sees Myeon’s men slaying the carriage servants. Suspecting a trap, he realizes that Myeon is on the GP’s side and keeps himself hidden. An unsuspecting Jo enters the premise and is immediately slayed by a waiting Han and his henchmen. SJ manages to sneak in from the backyard but find himself among bodies of slaughtered officials.
SY moves away but sees Minister Min Sin being murdered and his body dumped along with the other bodies. SY hid himself among the bodies. Chil Gap shows up and demands to see GP Suyang, presumably to inform him of SY and the still alive Kim JongSeo.

Princess KyeongHye and Jeong are pacing in their room, each lost in thought and wrought with worry. The princess decides she needs to be by the King’s side, Jeong stops her by saying it’s dangerous and offers to go instead. (I love how his expression changes, from reassuring to murderous…Jeong is proving to be very mature and reliable when the situation calls for it in spite of his goofy self). The princess appears to be as surprised and maybe a little impressed as well. Jeong forces himself through the guards, using his status and the guards could only follow him meekly. Outside, SY ambushes the guards and kills them. Jeong is surprised/relieved that SY is alive. SJ explans that this is the evil plan of GP Suyang and tells him that his father is not dead.
Elsewhere, GP and his men, Shin Sook Joo (ShinMyeon’s dad), Prince On-Nyung, Kwon Ram (I’m naming them cause they seem to appear quite often) are shock to receive news that Kim JongSeo is alive and his son, SJ is hiding him. GP is furious and demands that they be found and killed.
Jeong leads SJ quietly to the King’s place but they encounter ShinMyeon on the way. Jeong tries to shield SJ, but SJ gently pushes him aside as both man draw their swords. SJ can’t believe his best friend has become GP’s dog but ShinMyeon insists he does not regret his decision. They fight while Jeong looks on. They are evenly matched until someone cuts SY from behind. It is Ja Bun. Two more guards appear and restraint Jeong. Ja Bun knocks out SY. Jeong is led away,unable to accept that Shin is willing to kill his own brother (he used  the word brother as in brotherhood actually).
GP and his men are assessing the situation. Shin Sook Joo is worried that Kim will enlist the help of the army which will drastically change the situation. Just then, ShinMyeon shows up and conveys the news that SY is caught.
Jeong is also telling the Princess that SY and his father is alive. The princess thinks that they should try to rescue SY. The situation will be worse if Kim does not get to defend himself from the allegations and is forced to give up the Prime Minister’s position.
GP comes to see the tied up SY. He sends Im Woon home to prepare just in case they cannot find Kim by tonight and the situations reverses. He asks ShimMyeon if not killing SY is Shin’s way of showing mercy to his once brother. Shin denies.
At GP home, SeRyung wakes up to find Yeori napping. She sneaks out and overhears Im Woon reporting the situation to her mother and brother. She’s particularly worried when she hears that SY is caught and about to be executed. GP’s wife sends Woon back to GP side reasoning that if he fails the entire family will fall too. Song sees SeRyung slipping away and catches up with her just as she’s leading a horse from the stable. Song warns her not to go because it would be dangerous. SeRyung insists on going by saying that someone has to stop their father. Song asks if she’s going because of Kim SeongYoo…(Song is a good guy, I’m glad). Song leads the guards away to allow SeRyung to leave.
Jeong appeals to ShinMyeon to allow him to meet SY. Once there, Jabun orders the other guards away. Jeong releases SY from his binds and asks him to leave saying that Myeon is helping them. Jeong leads him away and gives him a horse, sending him on his way. Oh boy I smell a trap. This must be the opening scene from Episode one. And…it is. Myeon reports to GP that all is going according to plan. SY did not suspect a thing and will undoubtedly lead them to his father. GP instructs Myeon to kill them with his own hands.

Then we have the cinematic opening sequence of SJ riding on his horse, only it’s intersected with SeRyung riding hers and they just miss each other. (It happens every so often, this coincidentally missing each other). SeRyung reaches the Princess’ Residence but was stopped by the guards. Myeon sees her and advises her to go home. SeRyung is surprised to see him, but her surprise changes to disgust when she realizes he works for her father. She asks for SY (IMO,maybe further strengthening Myeon’s resolve to kill SY). Myeon sends her in to see her father. He and Jabun sets out to trail SY.
Jeong informs the princess that SY has escape and they will send armies to free them. Princess KH is relieved. Jeong holds KH’s hand for a moment before they were interrupted by her maid, who announces that the King is having cold sweats and clammy extremities due to fear. KH and Jeong rushes to the King’s room but were turned away by the guards. KH stomps away determinedly.
SeRyung meets her father and accuses him of using her as an excuse to harm the Kim’s family. He does not deny. She begs him to save SJ. He taunts that she will only give up once she sees SY’s head. She accuses him of being cruel. Just then, Princess KH shows up and demands to be allowed to stay by the King’s side. GP  orders she be taken away. SeRung interrupts by insisting that she be allowed to escort the Princess to the King’s side, arguing that he has no reason to separate them unless he wants the King to be ill. GP could not refused her without being seemingly disloyal (even though he is staging a coup, publicly he must maintain a façade). He relents though I suspect it’s partially because of SeRyung.
Once alone, Princess KH in a I-told-you-so way reminded how she once told her that her father is an ambitious man and plans to usurp the throne. But SeRyung could only think of SY and asks for him. KH is disgusted that she still has the audacity to ask for him and lies that SY and his father is dead and it’s all because of her. SR is distraught by the news.
SeongGyu’s wife is tending to the injured Kim JongSeo who tells her to go into hiding with little A-Kang because if they fail, the child would be endangered as well.
Seongyoo reaches his father hideout. Just as they are about to leave, Han’s men reaches as well. SY manages to bring down most of the man but is sliced by Chil Gap’s and HamGwi’s swords. Kim JongSeo vows he will never forgive GP Suyang and is slayed as well. Father and son, down and injured, moves to reach each other. Elder Kim dies first and SJ is dealt another blow.
Just as HamGwi is about the deliver the final blow, Myeon’s voice stopped them. He declares he will take over from here on. (OMG he’s not totally evil then, he’s gonna save SY!!). Han’s men thought he wanted to take credit for their work and refuses. Myeon orders him men to take over by force. Han’s men gives in but insisted that they at least have the head of Kim JongSeo and they will leave Kim SY for him to claim credit for.
Myeons sits there brooding over SY’s body which is covered by a mat (he thinks SJ is dead). Jabun reminds him it’s time to return. Myeon wants to move SJ to a quieter place. As he carries him, he’s overcome by memories of their earlier camaraderie. When he was collecting stones to bury SJ, SJ suddenly groans. He raises his sword and roars but pauses for the longest moment. In the end, he sheathes his sword and leaves. (OK good boy..he still has an ounce of conscience...had me worried a while there).
Han’s men brings back the head of KimJongSeo much to the delight of GP and his men.
It’s raining. SY wills himself to rise, buoyed by his father’s voice and flashes of his father’s images.

GP reports to the King that the beheaded Kim and his accomplices will be paraded to the public. KH and Jeong is there as well.
Meanwhile, a battered looking SJ is attracting stares as he walks through the town. He hears whispers from the public that his father is dead and comes to the place where his father’s head and a few others are paraded to the public as traitors. He breaks down at the sight and leaves, consumed by anger.

SR lies motionless in her room in grief, ignoring her mother’s instruction that she’s to come out and welcome her father home. Yeori leads her out, SR is powerless to put up any resistance.
SY reaches the GP’s home. He knocks out a guard and takes his sword. GP is escorted by Myeon. SR is also led out at the same time. Just as SY is about to unsheathe his sword he receives the second biggest shock of his life, for there she is, among the children of GP, his "Yeori".


  1. cliffhanger ending! thanks SOOOOOOOOO much for your recaps!!!! much appreciated :D

  2. Man, reading this reminded me why I loved this episode. I like how they brought back the beginning and show Shin's downward spiral into ultimate betrayal fueled by his father being shamed, SY loving SR, SR rejecting him and his own guilt. When one feels guilt, one fights even harder to pretend its not there, no?

    The only thing that was sooo ridiculous was when Shin screams before deciding not to kill SY. I feel like the camera work made it cheesy rather than powerful.