Recap : The Princess' Man episode 8

This is a slow episode for me....and frustrating because our heroine is like wayyyyyy too naive. Sigh.
Episode 8

SR plops to the ground in shock. GP goes out to investigate the noise. But SR manages to hide herself but left the embroidery behind in her haste. GP does not see it.

Later, when the entire family is sending off the GP (kind of elaborate me thinks…but it’s a sort of farewell I guess because the GP is risking his life in the coup d'état), SY asks his father where he is going. GP answers vaguely that he is going to settle everything once and for all, leaving SR more worried. GP senses that SR might know something and asks his wife to keep an eye on her.
SR wants to go and inform SY. Yeori stops her and later the mother also kept her locked, explaining that SR warning Kim Family will result in their entire family’s misfortune.
 An uneasy SY goes to find ShinMyeon but he told his assistant, JaBun to lie that he is out on duty. SY left a message that he would be there for him when he marries the GP Suyang’s daughter. SY sees Gisaeng, MaeHyang coming in just as he is leaving. Shin is still conflicted. MaeHyang informs him that everyone has gathered and waiting for him. He arrives at the Gibang. GP is pleased to see him because that means that he’s made up his mind to join the coup d'état.

ShinMyeon is in charge of killing the guards in charge of the King’s safety. Later, Myeon asks Jabun if he wants to join in. Jabun agrees.

The King visits Princess KyeongHye. As usual the Princess is blunt with Jeong even in front of the King but Jeong is not deterred. (The guy is smittened no doubt…can’t wait for the Princess to warm up to him)
ShinMyeon and Jabun shows up at the Princess’ Residence. The head of the Imperial guards is on friendly terms with Shin. Jeong also shows up and tries to patch things up between him and SY. ShinMyeon is a little aloof and feels even more uncomfortable when he realizes what he’s doing is bound to influence Jeong as well. He leaves abruptly leaving a confused Jeong behind.

SY has another fight with his brother, SeongGyu over the same issue. They found him a bride. SY refuses to consider.

 SR comes up with a plan to escape. She manages to escape and reaches Kim’s residence. She meets SeongGyu at the door and KimJongSeo.who just arrives home. Kim sees her disheveled self and asks that she be offered new shoes and sent in for an audience with him. However, Yeori catches up and SR is dragged away in front of little A-Kang. Yeori quickly explains to the servants that they’ve come to bring their mistress home. SY who comes to the door just misses SR who is taken in a carriage. At home SR is now locked in the storage room instead of her room.

GP Suyang’s army has repositioned themselves. Four of Han’s henchmen serve as servants and the GP’s carriage was modified to conceal weapons.

A letter is sent to Kim JongSeo hinting that the GP knows of the liaison between SJ and a certain palace maid and he requests for a meeting to discuss the matter. (It’s illegal to have a relationship with a palace maid as they are considered the King’s women). Kim later has a talk with SY. When he has confirmed that the content of the letter is true. That the woman SY loves is a palace maid, albeit one who has left the palace (which makes it ok??). Kim asks if SY thinks she’s worth it even if it places SY’s life in danger. But SY insists he cannot marry another if he already has someone in his heart. Kim understands his son’s feelings and makes the decision to meet GP Suyang. (At times like this, I curse SR for all the lies and misunderstandings…poor SY and his father!)

 SR writes a letter in blood and pleads with Yeori to send it to SY. Her intention is to save SY.

GP Suyang made his way to Kim’s Residence where SeongGyu is busy strengthening security in anticipation of GP’s arrival. Yeori’s letter reaches SY. SY panicked to see the blood written letter. The content of the letter is just the name of the Temple they used to meet at and the name Yeori. SY rushes off on a horse just as GP Suyang arrives.
SeongGyu is surprised to see the GP arrives with so little men. They check the carriage but couldn’t find the concealed weapons. Thus, GP is allowed entrance. SeongGyu is suspicious of the men brought by GP and keeps watching them.

Inside the room, GP and Kim begins their conversation. After some initial verbal swordplay, GP finally reveals that the woman SY loves is his useless daughter, who SY thinks is a place maid called Yeori. Kim does not believe him, so GP challenges him to confirm the facts with his son (this is part of the plan, so that they can kill SY as well). SeongGyu goes off to find SY which actually leaves Kim very vulnerable because GP’s man is positioned right outside the room. GP then lies about a handwritten letter by SY to his daughter. GP claims the letter is kept by his man,Woon who is right outside the door. Woon is summoned inside the room.

Meanwhile, SeongGyu who receives news that SY has left the premises notices that the four carriage bearers are acting suspicious, search the carriage and finds the weapons. A fight breaks out and SeongGyu realizes in fear that his father is in danger and rushes back. At this time, Woon has already acted and with one bash to the head, Kim falls and his blood splattered across GP’s face. SeongGyu who rushes to his father’s side is dealt a blow next and they both rolls out of the room and dies.

SY arrives at the temple but sees no one. He wakes the two little monks who deny SR is around. He is confused when the little monk mentions that Yeori is the ugly maid.

Han meets up with GP and advises him to seek an audience with the King immediately. They plan to frame Kim for treachery. Han orders one of his henchmen who recognizes SY to stay back and kill SY when he’s back.

SY heads home and finds many horsemen speeding away. He reaches home and finds out that they’ve been attacked by GP Suyang. He goes in to find his sister-in-law and niece crying over the bodies of SeongGyu and his father.

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  1. There is one comment you made about SR causing all the trouble. I admit, its incredibly frustrating for her to keep these secrets. But what would her father do to her if she didn't keep the secret? In that time a woman was to listen to her father or husband and that was IT. Just the fact that she's even seeing SY and the GP is letting her is amazing in and of itself.

    Of course I want her to tell him and they ride off into the sunset together...

    Anyway, thanks for doing these recaps! I'm on episode 17 and the translations ARE TERRIBLE so I'm going to read your recap when I'm through to see what I missed/misunderstood!

    BTW your English is great. Better than a lot of native speakers...