Recap: The Princess' Man Episode 19

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Episode 19
SY taunts Myeon for looking as though he’s seen a ghost and vows to kill him as part of his final revenge. However, the battle is postponed for another day as SY’s men comes to drag him away. Myeon’s men arrive as well, but he stops them from giving chase, seemingly satisfied to have learned SY’s true identity.

SR and Yeori return to the palace only to learn that they were too late – the rebels have been arrested but there were some escapees.
SY and his men regroup. His decision to attempt a jail break is questioned by his second-in-command due to their reduced strength. Everyone is to disperse until they receive further instructions.

SR and Yeori, still dressed as palace maids, head for BingGukKwan where they attract unwanted attention from Kong ChilGoo. SR’s haughty dismissal only serves to flame ChilGoo’s interest. ChilGoo gets a little more brazen in his advances but retreats when SY threatens him with his sword. SR is glad that SY is unhurt.

SY: I told you not to attempt anything stupid. Why are you here again?
SR: I was worried you might’ve been caught.
SY: Go home now.
SR: Did you hear about the Prince Consort and Teacher (Lee Gae)?
SY drags her into the BingGukKwan for fear of being
SR: What do you plan to do?
SY: Do you think I’d tell you the answer to that question? Myeon is aware of my identity. Meeting me will do you no good.
SR: Won’t that put you in more danger? I’d like to do my part to help, no matter how insignificant.
SY: We are people plotting the death of your father. How could you say things like helping us out?
SR: I do not want to see anyone else get hurt
SY: Go and protect Princess KH. I’d be going there
SR agrees and immediately heads over to KH’s place. SY sighs at her retreating back.

All the ladies are gathered around our cute Ah-Kang who shows off her writing skills. SY listens in proudly at the door as they ooh-ed and ahh-ed over her writing prowess. He smiles to himself and spots Jo, reclining on a pillar some distance away.

Jo is furious that SY is entrusting his family to him because that could only mean that SY is about to do something dangerous. SY confesses that he wants to rescue Jeong and his teacher. Jo who has heard about the failed coup, doubts his ability to do so especially since he’s already lost many men. SY is confident he can do it, and righteously insists that he has to do so. Jo quips that he sure is full of bravado for someone in his situation. SY returns that he is placing his family in Jo’s care precisely because he trusts him and promises to repay his kindness even in death. Jo is not having any of it though; he offers his help, ignoring SY’s warning and protests. Out of the blue, Noh Gul who only caught the last bit of the conversation rushes in and insists on joining them. LOL. Wait till you find out what you’ve got yourself into…

Meanwhile, Myeon wastes no time in reporting to King Sejo and his cronies that SY is the culprit behind SR’s kidnapping and the murders. Flabbergasted by this news, King Sejo wants the prisoners interrogated to flush out the hiding SY. King Sejo orders Myeon to tag along as he heads to SR’s place where he finds the rest of the family instead. He is then told of the worrying news that SR is missing, along with Yeori.

Princess KH is pacing agitatedly in her home when SR shows up. She is relieved to learn that SY is alive and that he plans to save Jeong.

King Sejo is reminiscing about SR’s strange behavior after her abduction, which now further confirms that SY is the culprit. He faults Myeon for being unable to gain SR’s affection. He orders Myeon to search for SR in discreet. Myeon sends JaBun to check out KH’s residence for any sign of SR.
They then proceed to the grounds where the prisoners are being tortured. Myeon winces, uncomfortable watching his friend in pain. King Sejo demands that they reveal SY’s hideout. Lee and Jeong maintain that SY is dead. Seong Sam-mun insults King Sejo, not acknowledging him as King. King Sejo values the six scholar-officials greatly and tries to coerce them to repent their deeds and acknowledge his legitimacy with offers of pardon. He pledges to wait for their change of heart. However, the scholars are resilient in their resolve, resolutely sing praises of King DanJong and belittle King Sejo. King Sejo is furious and orders that they be sentenced to death by tearing apart their limbs.

SY, Jo and Noh Gul heads to Princess KH’s residence. However, they remain hidden after spotting JaBun and his men barging in to find SR. SR is hidden in one of the rooms, peeking anxiously through a slightly open door. When JaBun requests to search the house, KH points out that it is unthinkable that she would harbour the daughter of her enemy. JaBun considers this and withdraws his men. KH learns that Jeong will be sent to the Capital Bureau once the interrogation is over.

Once JaBun leaves, SY and friends show themselves. SY is looking particularly anxious, as he looks left and right. KH puts him out of his misery by revealing SR is in the room. SR shows herself just then, and they stare at each other, relieved and glad. In the room, SY reveals his plans to jailbreak to a skeptical KH. SR offers to entice Myeon into the palace and sneaks SY into the Capital Bureau – SY to pose as her guard. SR tells a worried SY that she wants to help – because her Teacher is in there as well. SY is worried she’d be risking her life. SR is worried he is risking his life. Awww…KH convinces a reluctant SY that at this point, they need SR’s help.

Outside, Jo is keeping watch while Noh Gul is … striking a pose for the benefit of EunGeum and Yeori who are both turn off by his lecherous look. LOL. He’s interupted by the door opening. KH thanks SR for her help, pleading them to bring back Jeong safely.

The prisoners are brought back to their cells. Myeon could not bring himself to look Jeong and Lee in the eyes. JaBun reports that SR is not at KH’s place. Myeon is convinced she’s with SY.

SR heads to the Capital Bureau, flanked by SY, Jo, Noh Gul and Yeori. Nohgul finally finds out their destination and freaks out. LOL. Jo whacks him repeatedly to keep him in place. Once safely inside the compound, SR excuses herself as she has to distract Myeon. SY holds her back, wary of the danger she might face. She assures SY that Myeon would not harm her.

     SR: Even though we are apart, my heart will be with
Jo hurries them. SR leaves with Yeori. But surely their plan is doomed before it has even begun for JaBun was there in the shadows observing them. He in turn reports to Myeon. Just then, SR shows up before them. (I can’t watch this…!)

M: Why are you here? (As if you didn’t know, you
SR: I felt suffocated in the palace and sneaked out. But I fear the wrath of my parents, which is why I have come to you.
M: Since when are you afraid of your parents? Please
Myeon whispers some orders to JaBun, who leaves right after. Uneasy, SR asks where JaBun is going but Myeon does not bother to explain -- only offering to escort her in case there are assassins.
SY, Jo and NohGul are crouching behind a wall when they notice JaBun making changes to the security. SY stubbornly insists on proceeding much to the exasperation of NohGul.

They sneak into the prison, surprised that the place is unguarded. (Think! SY ah…THINK!). SY wants to free them but the scholars are adamant that they will not leave like cowards. They’d rather be forever engraved in history to remind the generations after of the cruelty of Suyang (I refer him as Suyang because the scholars do not acknowledge him as King). They entrust the responsibility of protecting King DanJong to him. Poor SY is almost beside himself with grief as he realizes that everyone is prepared to meet with their end. Their valiance evokes admiration from Jo. NohGul on the other hand, is the only one uneasy by the suspicious lack of security. Jeong and Lee ask them to leave before they are discovered. Jo and NohGul drag SY away. Still, there are no guards to be found. Hmm…did Myeon actually order that they leave the prison unguarded???

 Meanwhile, Myeon is escorting a visibly anxious SR back to palace.

M: Did you meet with SY?
SR ignores him.
M: I asked if you met with a criminal, why are you not surprised?
SR: If that is so, you should understand by now why I will never marry you.
M: No! Kim SeungYoo will die in my hands. And you WILL marry me! Do you really think I am not aware that he is in the Capital Bureau? This will be the last time I spare him. Be prepared to marry me! (I’m speechless…the boy is delusional!)
SR arrives at the palace. Queen JeongHui is too disappointed to lecture her and tells her to see her father.

King Sejo is drinking alone, disturbed by the scholars’ declaration. SR enters.
SR: Please revoke the order to kill Teacher and the Prince Consort. They might change their opinion of you if you consent to that.
K: Those are the people who wanted to kill me. How can I spare them??!!
SR: You’ve killed so many people…of course there’d be people who hate you…
K: I never would have thought my own daughter would conspire with others to kill me. The Kim SeungYoo who is back from the dead and kidnapped you….is he really that good?
SR: I don’t care what you think…but I never took part in the plan to kill you.
K: I find that hard to believe… Didn’t you go to Princess KH’s house?
SR could not deny that.

SR: It’s not too late to give up the throne. If you do, I will remain at your side forever.
K: Let go now? That would be impossible…. (laughs
SR: You are my father. This matter has caused me great grievance. If I weren’t born into this family, I will not suffer so.
King Sejo is no longer listening. He still believes that SR wants him dead and it shows on his expression. Bitterly, he orders Im Woon to guard her, in case she conspires with SY to kill him again. Oh dear, what’s gotten into me, I’m actually pitying King Sejo now. Because he loves her so dearly that her betrayal hits him so hard. SR leaves, King Sejo continues to drink, drowned in his sorrow.

Myeon is stunned to learn that Jeong and Lee are still in prison. And yes, we have confirmation that the guards were sent off on purpose. Myeon storms into the prison demanding to know why they did not leave. Jeong does not bother to explain, only remarks that a person like him will never understand them.
Lee: Myeon ah. Thank you for wanting to save me. Just like your compassion towards me, you must have the same compassion towards SY. Don’t kill each other. You must think of helping your friends.
M: I can no longer turn back now…

SY gravely tells KH that he is powerless to help Lee and Jeong anymore. In the palace, Yeori also reports that nothing happened in Capital Bureau.

Everyone is waiting for SY and gang to return at BingGukKwan. A perceptive Ah Kang asks if SY is upset about something. SY denies and hugs her close for comfort, silently mourning for Jeong and his teacher.

The next morning, SR is stopped by Im Woon from leaving the palace. From the looks of things, she will no longer be able to move as freely.

Jo advises SY not to go to the execution ground.
SY: Before the death of my brother and father, I never thought I’d have anything to do with death. After surviving countless attempts on my life, I understand now that I will die one day. And I fear the day when that happens.
Jo dismisses his death talk and changes his mind – he asks SY to send the scholars on their last journey instead.
EunGeum is distressed to find KH dressed in a white robe…and asks if she is heading to the execution ground?

KingSejo’s cronies tell him that they have to remove the root of their problem which is King DanJong. King Sejo orders Shin SukJoo to find a suitable place for exile. Their meeting is cut short by a eunuch who brings news requiring his majesty’s presence.
KH is kneeling in front of the palace. King Sejo knows she has come for her husband. KH do not deny, instead she asks that Jeong be freed and both of them exiled instead. She addresses him as Cho-na…(as in Your Majesty), acknowledging him. King Sejo is inordinately pleased and holds her to her promise to forever stay away from his sight if he is to set Jeong free. He threatens that Jeong will die a terrible death if she is to break her word. KH grudgingly agrees.

The prisoners are being led to the execution ground. A messenger comes and announces that Jeong will be exiled with KH instead. Jeong is upset that he alone is spared. However, the other scholars just smile at him, not resenting his fortune. Jeong wails. KH shows up by his side.
J: Did you save me?
KH: How could you bear to leave me alone?
J: When I think of you, my heart feels like breaking into pieces. But I die for the King. You should let me be.
KH: I’m sorry but I cannot obey you. Please, live for me…I only wish for you to live.
J: Today, just for today, allow me to hate you…
And of course, Myeon is looking at them from afar, relieved his only friend lives to see another day.

SY approaches Lee who is being led through the town. Lee informs SY that Jeong is spared. SY promises not to forget his words. Lee thanks him but tells him not to send him anymore. So. Sad.

In the palace, King Sejo’s cronies are kicking up a fuss raising the issue of exiling ex-King DanJong. All the ministers are pleading the King to take action against King Danjong who is allegedly the mastermind behind the failed coup.

SR learns of this latest development. She also finds out that the scholars have been executed, much to her dismay. Alone, she takes out a dagger! She hides the dagger and announces that she is going to see King Sejo. Im Woon follows.

Jo offers liquor to a brooding SY. Surprisingly, he refuses it. Very much sober, he says that he needs power – the power to topple Suyang.

KingSejo and his cronies are meeting again. Han suggest that the ex-King be exiled to JeonMingPu in Kang Won Dou, which is a very secluded area. The eunuch announces SR’s arrival. King Sejo refuses her entry but SR barges right in.

SR: I have things to say. Please leave us.
K: Stay.
SR: You wish everyone to hear our conversation?
The cronies leave.
SR: Are you really going to demote the ex-King?
K: That is none of your business.
SR: During exile, you would order his Majesty’s death by poison? I wish that I am not your daughter. I wish I possess the power to bring you back to the right path.
K: Bring the princess back to her room (he is addressing Im Woon)
Before Im Woon can respond, SR whips out her dagger.

K: What are you up to now?
SR: A child’s body belongs to her parents. I can no longer continue our relationship as father-daughter. I want to end this.
SR cuts off the end of her braid. (Hair is also part of the body, cutting the hair is symbolic of severing their father-daughter relationship here). She places the cut braid on the floor and declares that she’s no longer his daughter and he’s not to think of her as his daughter too.

K: You…How dare you?!
SR: I will leave the palace…


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  1. Awesome recap! :) why don't SR and SY run to somewhere far away...

  2. @steph,
    How I wish they do so! Then again, Myeon and King Sejo will hunt them forever...

  3. Thanks for the recap on ep. 19. How about ep. 20?? Seems that we will near to the finish line this time. Hope that there's a happy ending this time. :)- TERE. :))

  4. @ TERE,
    I'm done with the text. Will post it tomorrow along with the pics. Btw, epi 20 is fantastic!!!

  5. this is awesome! thanks a bunch. off to read episode 20. :)

  6. @swul true..hmm maybe Noh Gul and Jo should kill them..*evil grin*

  7. thanks a lot. that was awsome

  8. Ok, I know I shouldn't feel this way. But my heart pulled for Shin Myeon this episode. The man is seriously so messed up. He is so weak himself that he prays and hopes others will at least alleviate part of his pain because he can't find the balls to do it himself. He betrays Seung-yoo because thats easier than betraying his father and his family and Suyang, who can give his family a LOT. He thinks Seung-yoo will free Jeong and Lee Gae. DUDE DO IT YOURSELF! He's so weak that when Jeong is cruel to him, I felt so bad for him. The guy really doesn't understand how his own weakness is his failing. He has not stood for something that HE believed in once. Even getting SR, he's using someone else (her father). He says its too late, but it really is never too late. Look at Seung-yoo. Come on Myeon, I'm rooting for you. I know I'm in the minority, but damn boy, show me I'm not wrong in putting a little faith in fickle, jealous, closed-minded, sad sorry puppy little you.

    This guy is pathetic; no one can see (with good reason) the motivations behind his actions; but if he just did ONE thing that he believes in it would break the dam.

    I'm not saying this excuses ANY of his douche-y, betraying, self-centered, cheap, dirty behavior. But I still pity him.

    Other quick comments:
    I'm still a huge Jeong/Kyeong-hye fan. They handled the executions tastefully. PSH kicked ass in this episode. Damn fine acting. Are they really going to kill the kid like history says they should? (The answer is no, but you know how well PDs listen to us fans.) SR has BALLLLLZZZ!